Author: Aaron Moger

Review – Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

Doesn’t shine so bright First glance at Shiness The Lightning Kingdom is that it seems like a charming and fun game and at times it is, but at other times I failed to stay gripped for very long at all. Playing as an anthropomorphic dog named Chado with the pronunciation of Shadow you crash land on a planet setting off on a journey through different worlds to bring peace once more. The game starts out with narrative text explaining the shiness and the elements known as air, earth, fire and water, then proceeds on to an animation cutscene then...

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Touhou Genso Wanderer Review (PS4)

Tread Kawaii-fully! Touhou Genso Wanderer is a roguelike RPG set within what is known as the Touhou Project which is a series of manic shooter games developed by the same person known as Tean Shanghai Alice. Going from super crazy bullet like shooters Touhou Genso Wanderer seeks a new direction into the roguelike RPG world. The game follows the story of Reimu and Rinnosuke who are talking as normal when a strange situation happens and the Gold Orb that Rinnosuke is holding possesses him and forces Reimu into battle but is overwhelmed and is forced to retreat from him....

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Review – NieR Automata

2B, or not 2B? that is the question. Well the answer lies in wether you can live with some of the problems that arise with NieR Automata. Now it isn’t to say I do not like NieR as I have enjoyed playing it up to now but it’s sad to say my experience with NieR hasn’t been the best. As an Android known as 2B it is your duty to fight back against machines that have invaded the world. The game starts you out in the deep end; you are flying through the air blasting away at airships R-Type...

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Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest Underway

The big European event for Final Fantasy XIV kicks off today in Germany and with it will come a ton of new information for the highly anticipated Stormblood expansion released later this year. As a huge fan I cannot contain my excitement and already we have a new trailer which shows the previous Warrior of Light fighting with an unnamed girl with some new video content showing off the expansion in Ala Mhigo. Is that a Samurai I see? Who knows until we wait to see what Square Enix unveils over the weekend. Are you excited too? Let us...

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Pokemon Go Is Evolving

Yes! Pokemon Go is getting an update real soon! This morning Niantic revealed that the hit mobile app is getting it’s biggest update since release and soon; not a specified date but it all points to the end of this week if not next week. Niantic have been hard at work to announce and roll out the coming update because not only will they be adding 80 new gen 2 Pokemon they will be giving us updated encounter and capture mechanics also. This includes new berries that can be obtained through Pokestops which allow for more Candy drops and...

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