Author: Aaron Moger

Star Ocean The Last Hope 4K & Full HD Remaster (PS4)

Star Ocean The Not So Last Remaster Hope 4Kay? Its seemingly long title albeit appropriate Star Ocean The Last Hope is back and better than ever finely tuned for more modern day televisions. The original release of Star Ocean The Last Hope was released very early during the PlayStation 3’s reign and one of a few games I owned at the time. It was a game that showed what the new standard for video games were to look like and with times vastly pacing forward today it seems that graphic capabilities are pushed to their limit. Star Ocean The...

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Review – The Evil Within 2 (PS4)

Bloody Gorgeous The original Evil Within was one of the best gaming purchases I made and quickly became one of my favourite most recent horror games. Once I had heard about The Evil Within 2 being released I was so excited and now it is here I am far from disappointed. The story follows Sebastian Castellanos who finds himself in the company of old friend after finding out his daughter is very much alive despite previous events. He is forced by Mobius to enter STEM to find and save his daughter but to also save himself. After entering STEM...

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Review – Cyberdimension Neptunia Four Goddesses Online

 Nep-Ko Has Logged In! We are all guilty of many games that we like to play but would be embarrassed if we knew our friends and close family knew we took enjoyment from them. Cyberdimension Neptunia Four Goddesses Online is one of those games. The latest offering of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series is one that I am not overly familiar with although for the longest time I have always had a keen interest in. The games setting takes place in Four Goddesses Online a fictional massive multiplayer online role playing game that has been referenced during the series. The...

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Review – Splasher (PS4)

Artful Dodger Splasher is a game I was made aware of by a friend who compared it to being similar or like Super Meat Boy; when I first took a look at the game I gained an interest in its art style but after playing it for the first time it was more than that. In Splasher you play as nameless purple haired boy who attempts to save his co-lap workers from the evil docteur who plans to experiment on them all in hideous ways. He becomes most wanted as the docteurs minions start to come after you. The...

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Review – Culdcept Revolt (3DS)

A Right Deal The Culdcept series is one that I am not familiar with but is one that stems back to the PlayStation era. Culdcept Revolt is one of the few sequels and the latest to arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. The gameplay takes on a style of magic card battles on a monopoly style board game. Culdcept Revolt has a somewhat odd story with the protagonist waking up in a universe with no recollection of who he is. He is told he is known as a Cepter who ultimately has the power to play magical monopoly in a...

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