Author: Aaron Moger

Review – Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Basche Lives! Again It has been one hell of a long time since Final Fantasy XII first came out back on the PS2 and it had received mixed reactions from fans but in all received generally favourable worldwide success. It has now been over a decade and we now have a remastered version of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age for PS4 with some welcome changes and a massive graphical upgrade. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age was released sometime later but only in Japan and saw some changes in the game. This version of the game never saw...

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Review – Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood

No Calm before the Storm With a huge overhaul of the original game and a now sizable community under its belt Final Fantasy XIV is the new standard as far as mmorpgs go and one of the biggest out there right now. Stormblood is the second expansion after the successful Heavensward and sees the Hero of Light cross the border into Ala Mhigo territory and into the new continent of Othard. Final Fantasy XIV is well known for its rich story and Stormblood is no different. While the story of Heavensward is well delivered Stormblood narrates a story on...

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Out Now

HERE’S HOW TO UNLOCK NEW JOBS RED MAGE AND SAMURAI LONDON (21st June 2017) – SQUARE ENIX® launched FINAL FANTASY® XIV: Stormblood™, the latest expansion of the critically acclaimed MMORPG that continues to capture the hearts and imaginations of over six million players worldwide. FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood continues the story of the Warrior of Light in his quest to liberate Ala Mhigo, a vast land conquered by the Garleans twenty years ago. Players will also be able to depart from the shores of Eorzea for the very first time, travelling to the Far Eastern lands of Doma and...

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Farming Simulator 18 (3DS) – Review

Lacking in the field I get pretty hyped up when it comes to simulator games; reason being is they can be addictive and relieve some stress out of everyday real life. This is my first time playing Farming Simulator and I can honestly say it will probably be my last. After a somewhat lengthy loading screen, you are given some options which are minimal. The game a Beginner; Normal and Expert difficulty level. If you are completely new to Farming Simulator like I am it won’t matter much which difficulty you play. I was completely stumped in the first...

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Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time Review

A Timeless Classic Back in my youthful days as a gamer I had become somewhat of a JRPG fan. This became obvious after playing Final Fantasy VII; Grandia and Breath of Fire. I was always on the lookout for new RPG’s and I could tell most of the time from looking at the back of the cases which ones were. The PlayStation One era had come and gone and we was onto PlayStation 2 where new breathtaking JRPG’s unlike any before were here and one that stood out for me was soon in my grasp. I had known about...

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