Author: Adam Neaves

Roto VR Chair Shipping in February, 2018

A new Interactive Virtual Reality chair is edging closer to release, as it has been confirmed today that the Roto VR Chair will be ready to ship in February, 2018! Made by Elliot Myers and his team, the VR chair is already being sent out to developers who will of course use it to create some unbelievable experiences once the release has been met. Roto VR will be compatible with, and compliments and enhances all AR, VR, 360 hardware AND software out of the box (except for PSVR). Speaking about the Roto VR chair, Elliot stated: The team have been...

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Candy Crush and Facebook Transform Players into Candies!

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your face into one of Candy Crush’s iconic candies, well now you can thanks to the game itself and Facebook’s augmented reality feature! This awesome new feature is available today for all Facebook users and allows players and selfie fans to get #thatsweetfeeling and experience the game in a new and immersive way. You can access the Augmented Reality feature on Facebook here. Whilst in the feature, the aim is to catch candies of the same colour in the player’s mouth as they are thrown in from the bottom of the screen. Every time you...

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Romancing SaGa 2 Getting Re-Release Next Week

Square Enix are re-visiting their back catalog once again as they have announced that Romancing SaGa 2 will be re-released on consoles and PC next week, December 15th. It was originally released in Japan back in 1993, letting players sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes. Using a dynamic freeform scenario system, players can control a variety of protagonists and reshape the empire, meaning every player will have a different experience. It will be re-released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via...

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Ships Over 110 Million!

It’s fair to say that Square Enix have done a fantastic job with the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game and these new figures prove why this trading game is still as popular as when it first began. The trading card game has officially shipped over 110 million cards worldwide. What an achievement! Also available now in Europe is the latest Opus IV card set, giving players new cards based on beloved games from the franchise, including FFVI, FF Tactics Advance and FF Theatrhythm. The set also incorporates new “Monster” type cards, which feature different abilities and play styles for fans...

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Sea of Thieves Release Date Confirmed

Sea of Thieves seems to have been in the air for absolutely ages now but Microsoft have today finally announced the full release date for the Xbox One exclusive. March 20th, that’s the date to put into your calendars folks. Those who pre-order the game (now open) will also get exclusive access to a pre-release closed beta, providing the perfect opportunity for fans to find their sea legs ahead of launch. In addition, players will score free loot in the form of the Black Dog Pack, offering stylish clothing with unique, spectacular designs. A special controller for the game has also...

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