Author: Adam O'Connell

Review – Chaos;Child

WELCOME BACK TO CHAOS WORLD The visual novel genre is one of the most niche platforms in the video game industry right now. I mean sure, some gamers may find it kind of off putting and it’s something that I can understand, with the lack of effort going into the gameplay which takes away the thrill and immersive aspects of getting to control a certain character. But like many things if you broaden your horizons and give something out of your comfort zone a chance you may very well be in danger of finding something that revitalises your interests or...

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Review – NBA 2K18

I WISH I WAS A LITTLE BIT TALLER… Disclaimer: Please take this review as one written by a guy playing the NBA 2K series for the first time, and a Brit with a vast appreciation of American Sports. So we have gotten to that point of the year where aaaaaaaaaaall the sports titles hit the shelves and the online stores like a bull at a gate. The latest editions of FIFA, NHL, Madden, WWE among others are gradually being released and as usual that means bad news to the girlfriends and wives of the world (unless they pick up...

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EGX 2017 Aftermath – Indie Games That Belong on Your Radar

As I mentioned in my last article, EGX showcased some of the most hotly anticipated games to make the coming months feel like something to really look forward to and make 2018 look like a bonafide wallet thinner. But another thing there was no shortage of at the UK’s biggest games expo was creative and exciting Indie Games with a large chunk of it dedicated to bright eyed and imaginative independent developers to showboat their hard work and get themselves noticed. From the Nintendo endorsed ‘Nindies’, the Rezzed section to the university students in the Transfuzer section shows that the...

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EGX 2017 Aftermath – 8 Upcoming Games To Look Out For

EGX 2017 is done and dusted and the UK’s biggest gaming expo is in the history books for another year. With hundreds of games at thousands of gamers disposal, intense E-Sport tournament play, Q&A sessions with famed game developers and cosplay galore. EGX was also the place to be when it came to showcasing some of the most anticipated upcoming titles. From Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Forces to Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Call of Duty WWII, there was absolutely no shortage whatsoever. Here is just some of the games that I had the pleasure to play and witnessed gameplay...

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Review – Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite

TWO WORLDS COLLIDE…AGAIN! Who doesn’t love a good crossover? Watching two worlds collide famously bringing their respective styles and characters brings a fantastic flavour to each individual franchise and a lot of the time makes for something so interesting and exhilarating. The likes of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Street Fighter X Tekken and even the Kingdom Hearts series are just a few examples, and the Marvel vs Capcom series has been combining the beloved comic publisher and the famed development company in dynamic fashion since 1996 when X-Men vs Street Fighter dropped into Japanese arcades. Now...

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