Author: Adam O'Connell

Review – Chaos on Deponia

HUZZAH….. If I had to put it bluntly, I could probably write a whole song and dance routine about my love for point and click adventures. I may have mentioned a few times over the past year that this specific genre was one of my first gateways into this incredible industry (along with MSDOS classics like Supaplex and Dangerous Dave OH IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU SHOULD!), it was my happy medium between the ever growing presence of computer technology in the 90’s and the wonderfully cartoonish, which was mostly evident in the LucasArts classics and surely I’m not...

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Review – De Blob (PS4)

A FLASH FLOOD OF COLOUR So here I am back with more remastered splendour! Many times over the past year I have talked about the ongoing trend of remastered and reworked games from days gone by being cannonballed onto shop shelves and online stores both with positive and negative conations, but one of the major high points of the movement is that many times over the years I have let many awesome games pass me by only to get a second chance to appreciate these titles reworked to visual perfection or in some cases relive them. In this situation...

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Review – Demon Gaze 2

Dungeons, Dragons, Ghouls, Goblins and more! In my honest opinion 2017 has been an incredibly polarising year for the J-RPG genre. Games like Persona 5 and Tales of Berseria have undeniably knocked it out the park commercially whereas titles such as Valkyria Revolution and Dark Rose Valkrie have gone on to let the side down (again, this is all in my opinion). However there comes a game that takes my feelings about the genres yearbook as a whole and puts it into one game. Though released last year to Japanese audiences, Demon Gaze 2 has finally found its way...

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Retro Reminiscence – Chrono Trigger

Many games are great, few revolutionise. One such example is highly regarded as one of the greatest RPG’s of all time, one of the greatest SNES games of all time (THE greatest SNES game of all time in my opinion) and one that broke the mould, going on to influence games decades after its release, I speak of course about Chrono Trigger. Released all the way back in 1995 courtesy of Square Enix (then known simply as Square) it was developed by what the famed development company referred to as the dream team. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the...

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GH Collective – Childhood Heroes

We have hit 200,000 views since we went live on February 1st of this year. In just 9 months we have hit that massive milestone and we want to thank each and everyone of you; Readers, developers and publishers, all of you that have visited Game Hype up to now! With that, we have a special article to mark this great occasion! Take yourself back to your childhood if you will, video games has and always will have a tendency to create so many larger than life characters that in the days of your youth it was hard not...

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