Author: Adam O'Connell

Review – The Station

Tweet WELCOME ABOARD… The Kickstater campaign can be used for many things. From gathering money to help the sick pay their medicals, to helping people fund their education, to helping the creative and imaginative creators of the world fund their products in art, television, film and video games. Over the years the crowd funding service has gone on to fund many great games which include FTL, Superhot and Shovel Knight which helped gave this way of creating games legitimacy, leading more and more developers to give it a try. The latest example to make its way to me is...

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Review – Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth – Book Two: Sowing the Wind

Tweet THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES IN THE EPIC MIDWAY POINT I have been waiting or this one for months on end! Last year, the first book of Daedalic Entertainment’s point and click adventure Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth (aptly titled – From the Ashes) was such a dark horse in my opinion featuring unique visuals, a dramatic story (albeit a bit slow at times) with several twists and turns and showed a great insight to the hardships and structure of 12th century England. And it found itself taking a very prestigious spot on *drum roll* WESTY’S TOP 10 GAMES...

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Review – Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake

Tweet OOOOOOOOOOOOH LOOK WHAT THE REMAKE FAIRY BROUGHT US! I have often said remasters and remakes over the years have become somewhat over done but when they are released something deep inside us all just goes insane when they are presented before us because NOSTALGIA SELLS!! The games we loved years ago being slapped on the latest console generation with great new graphics and revamped aesthetics is something that people just can’t seem to ignore leading to the inevitable ‘shut up and take my money!’ situation and this is certainly the case with Shadow of the Colossus HD Remake...

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Review – Lost Sphear

Tweet COMMIT THIS TO MEMORY! I wanted to love this game, I wanted to love it so bad!….. AND I DID! Humans are a funny bunch, aren’t they? We constantly crave for newer better things in everything we are passionate about and to be fair we always get it, then we find ourselves begging for the good ol’ days, yet when that happens we’re all like ‘Waaaaaaaah it’s not the same man don’t fix what isn’t broken!’, it’s a vicious cycle that no one can really explain but every now and then something comes along that brings joy to...

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Review – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Tweet FUS RO DAYUUUUUUUUM! Who the hell doesn’t love Skyrim? No one that’s who! Over the past six years the fifth offering from the acclaimed Elder Scrolls series has become this incredible beast that transcended to the upper echelon of the video game industry with its longevity being one of the most loyal in gaming (Just ask Game Hype’s own Damien O’Neill whose playtime clocks in at well over 1000 hours!) and in the long and short of it, became everything that an RPG should be. Diverse, exciting, strategical, blood pumping, epic, full of mythical beast, prestigious guilds, an...

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