Author: Caleb Moran

Retrograde – Dreamcrushed – What happened to the Sega Dreamcast?

The gaming world can at times be one of the most unstable markets to predict. What seems revolutionary at the time might not take off for a few years, and what may seem like the next big thing, might end up falling flat on its face. In Retrograde I’m going to look into the many past attempts of gaming innovation that tried to make its mark in the gaming world. Successes, failures, the niche, the hyped, and the releases that were dead by the time they reached the market. Gaming got to where it is today because of these...

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Red Dead Tinted Glasses

Red Dead Redemption 2 is on the horizon and the hype train pulls into the station Spring 2017. It’s probably one of the most hyped up games to be released and the delay only keeps the hype going. But can it live up to its predecessor? The trailer, while short shows us so much of the American Frontier and how good the game is going to look, sadly not much of the story but it was enough to get us all ready to return to our cowboy fantasies. We all have fond memories of Red Dead Redemption as most...

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Review – Sonic Forces

Can Sonic Forces finally make up for his past mistakes? I ended my Sonic Mania review asking “does that mean in order for Sonic to be good, it has to look like it was made on classic Sega consoles?”. The adventure games were considered the last ‘good’ Sonic games by many, but haven’t aged well, and as time went on we got titles like Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, which have gone down as some of the worst games of all time. So when it was announced that a new game was being made, by the...

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Review – Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The Lord of the Rings games were some of the most cherished games for people growing up in the mid 2000s, logging many many hours on games – that while have aged poorly, we remember them fondly and had a lot of fun with friends playing them back in the day. So in 2009, when EA’s license expired, I was curious to see what would happen to the Lord of Rings games, especially as it had been 6 years since the last Lord of the Rings film and by this point they couldn’t keep re-using the films material and...

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Review – Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Death of the Outsider goes the way of the void Dishonored is one of my favourite games ever made. It was a proper stealth game that was about getting from place to place without being seen and using the environment to your advantage. Jumping down and choking a guard out, then disappearing a second later with the knocked out guard, just to watch his friend question what was going on made you feel like a true shadow. What made the game truly immersive was the lore in the game. Dunwall was an amazing city, the steampunk aesthetic of the...

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