Author: John Betts

Review – Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond The Myth

Deep Silver’s charming dual-screened JRPG makes its way to western shores for the portable 3DS console, and I managed to get my grubby little MIT’s onto it, so read on for a more in-depth look at the 5th entry in the Etrian Odyssey story arc. Let me start off by first confessing, I’m completely new to the series, so as a newbie trying to pick up the story, and familiarize myself, I felt guidance for newcomers in this was somewhat lacking, however, the story concept is relatively easy to understand. The ancient Yggdrasil (a tree of mythical tales, worshipped...

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Dugout-Online, Online Football Manager, Are You The Next Jose Mourinho?

Ever thought to yourself when watching a game of televised football, that perhaps Pep Guardiola should have subbed Yaya all gassed out Toure, or maybe Zlatan Ibrahimovic should be subbed in for Romelu can’t seem to score a goal Lukaku? Well with dugout-online, now you can. Manage in any country worldwide, compete against other players in structured league formats to become the best local team, qualify for challenge/champions cup competitions and declare your side the best on the game. Gain a reputation for yourself and have a go at leading your national team to glory in world cup competition...

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MXGP3 Out Now For Nintendo Switch

Releasing earlier this year for the Xbox One and PlayStation consoles, Nintendo’s switch gets their party invite, as MXGP3 speeds, tricks, and lands its way to the home of Mario and friends. The new MXGP edition, based on the 2016 season, offers the player a dynamic, ever-more enjoyable gaming experience thanks to a series of innovative graphics and techniques introduced by the new Unreal®Engine 4 graphics engine which will take the game experience to a surprising new level. Hit the gas and get ready to tackle unpredictable, dynamic weather conditions in a competition which is unique in its genre....

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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary – Bettsy’s Journey To Zanarkand And Back

This past weekend, Square-Enix celebrated the 30th birthday of the world re-known Final Fantasy brand. Being a huge fan of the series myself, not only did I attend the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy Concert (with my awesome sis), I also had the once over at the pop-up shop over in Covent Garden, KWEH KWEH, KUPO, CHOCOTASTIC! Live from the Royal Albert Hall at 19:30 pm the show kicked off amongst much fanfare. Cosplayers were seen occasionally, ranging from Sephiroth to one attractive lady in total Chocobo attire, she even pulled off the KWEH in pretty sweet fashion! (So erm, yeah...

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Review – Spintires: MudRunner

When I think of mud-pits, and mud-tracks, I could think of some rather fun and let’s say inspired ways of enjoying said things. Sadly, MudRunner is not one of them. Before I go into more detail about the game itself, if handling a truck/trailer with dodgy camera angles, a pointless purpose to the game that drives your patience (and to to the heavens) and graphics that leave much to be desired, then I’d argue you’ve read enough to decide this game isn’t for you. Otherwise, read on my fellow mud-truck fans. Developed by Saber Interactive and published by focus...

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