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Escape from Tarkov Closed Beta Testing Announced

Battlestate Games announces a new stage in development of the hardcore online FPS Escape from Tarkov. Battlestate Games have also released a trailer to coincide with the announcement. Which you can check out below Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore realistic story-driven online multiplayer game that combines features of FPS/TPS, combat simulation and RPG with MMO elements. Players will assume the role of one of the mercenaries, the survivors of the initial stage of Tarkov conflict. After selecting one of the parties – USEC or BEAR – the player’s character begins his arduous journey in quest for ways of...

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FIFA 18 FUT ICONS Stories Announced.

EA Have Gone one further for FIFA 18. The buck toothed Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, has been announced as a new addition to the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, along with a storied event line of 3 legends, throughout critical points in their careers known as FUT ICONS Stories. During a live EA Sports Stream, EA decided to shock the world with the Ronaldinho bombshell. Hot on the heels of the Diego Maradona card reveal, EA just continue to keep surprises up their sleeve. To be used in the FIFA Ultimate team mode, legends will have numerous cards, throughout different stages...

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FIFA 18 Maradona 95 Icon Card Revealed.

Hand of God Anyone? Well, now you can attempt to recreate that famous scene, as the iconic Argentina legend Diego Maradona has a new icon card in EA’s FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Mode. With 95 Dribbling and 88 Pace, Diego will certainly be one useful weapon to have in your arsenal, as his stats suggest he’ll be able to recreate those inspirational runs, and the many goals that brought millions around the world happiness and sorrow. Diego Maradona is one of many legends recently announced for FIFA 18. So with the likes of Roberto Carlos, Thierry Henry, Del Piero, and...

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MotoGP 17 eSports Championship Schedule Live.

Think you’re quicker then Marc Marquez, or reckon you’ll smash the iconic Valentino Rossi’s record book? Let’s see you back it up! As Dorna Sports have just announced the MotoGP 17 eSport’s championship schedule, detailing the calendar, tracks, riders, prizes and much more for the upcoming challenges that you adrenaline crazed GP gamers face. Exclusive to the Playstation 4 the official press release is as follows. “Consoles on and controllers in hand, the challenge will take place in the official MotoGP™17 video game from by the historic Milan licensee Milestone. Exclusive to SONY PlayStation®4, the eSport Championship will be closely tied...

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Telltale Games Huge Annoucement

For those of you who don’t know, hot out of comic con 2017, is Telltale games huge summer announcement detailing a new season for 3 titles. These titles include “The Walking Dead” (Season 4, final season), “The Wolf among us 2”, and lastly “Batman the enemy within”. There’s no exact release date; for the wolf among us 2 and the walking dead, just to expect they’ll release in 2018 and that they’ll launch for “all major gaming consoles and mobile gaming devices,” including Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and iOS- and Android-based devices. Perhaps suspecting the inevitable questions about...

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