Author: John Betts

Review – Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Bulletstorm could well be 2017’s most Badass title. Its one high octane, thrill ride of an experience that you must try! Polish developer “People can fly” return with rebooting, the greatly under-appreciated Bulletstorm, in all its fantastically remastered glory, known as the Full clip edition. Hoping to finally bring the shooter to a mainstream audience. This cult classic failed to hit sales targets back in 2011 for the ps3, Xbox 360 and PC. I for one, really do hope Full Clip edition fares much better. Anyhow, starting off with the review, the entertaining campaign mode begins with 4 comrades...

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Styx: Shards Of Darkness Review

Styx: Shards Of Darkness – Fancy a game of hide and seek? no… How about hide and kill? Ah, that sounds a lot more fun, right? In Styx: Shards of Darkness, hide and kill is your favourite playtime indeed. Shards of Darkness is the sequel to the previously released Styx: Master of Shadows, and begins after the events of the first entry unfold.  Developed by Cyanide Studios, Styx is based in a universe full of dark, doom and gloom, suiting a game based around stealth and darkness. The tower of Akenash has fallen and with it hiding that sweet,...

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Final Fantasy XV – Gladiolus Episode Trailer

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy XV? – Of course you are! Square Enix have recently released some fantastic info regarding the in-game expansion to the timeline of Gladiolus. Being the first release of four, the DLC will expand the story of Gladiolus, and just what the naughty devil was up to, during his alone time in the main game. The expansion is set to be around 2 hours in length, and will detail how Gladiolus dealt with his demons/doubts, (after his showdown with Ravus wich led him to go AWOL), retreating to a chamber in a ruins,...

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Review – Table Top Racing World Tour

Vroom, Vroom, Table Top Gear!! Is Playrise Digital’s Table Top Racing world tour, in podium position, or back of the grid? I hear you all ask. Well, somewhere in-between, to be frank. Visually for a budget game it looks top of its market, looking the part, its slick, easy on the eye, no framerate/juddering issues experienced, and you can tell the developers have poured their hearts into this bite-sized racing title. It comes offering numerous modes including a championship mode, online, special events and the garage. Championship mode gives players the opportunity to race on numerous circuits, competing against...

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Pokemon Go – Gen 2 Launch A Success

Pokemon Go – Gen 2 Update Launches And It’s A Great Success! The new update releasing the wave of generation 2 Pokemon was out today, and across the country, it seemed poke mania was back. Lures were much more active across cities including Manchester and Birmingham, with gamers desperate to catch the new virtual creatures. It remains to be seen if current levels of interest remain, but what is clear, is that for a game, many critics claimed have had its day, it’s shown today that with a substantial update interest very much remains.     Are you enjoying...

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