Author: Kyle Doherty

The Witcher TV Series – Past vs. Present

Movies based on video games are cursed, but a drama series based on a video game (and its books)?  Sign me right up… There aren’t many things I think so fondly of as I do the Witcher Saga. The dark ages setting, the mysticism, the drama etc. all come together in a violent cocktail of politically charged, medieval fantasy loosely based on European history and Slavic folklore. On Wednesday last week Netflix announced plans for a live action adaptation of the Witcher Saga; with author Andrzej Sapkowski working alongside the development of the series as a creative consultant (akin...

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Review – Dying: Reborn (PS4)

“Even I, Lucas, have heard the legend of a man-fish.” Dying: Reborn is a really bad game; there I said it. I went into the indie horror title with a naive sense of intrigue; ‘An indie, first person, puzzle solving horror game? Sign me right up.’ I thought; oh how I would end up eating those words. Dying: Reborn is the questionable creation of Nekcom Entertainment; a Chinese development studio who specialise primarily in mobile games, with their only excursion into the console market being this little ‘gem’. The game can best be described as an ‘escape the room’...

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Review – Outlast II (PS4)

“God doesn’t love you, not like I do…” When Outlast was released back in 2013, it was something of a catalyst. The horror genre in gaming had been lacking for a serious amount of time, with carbon copies of the action-orientated Resident Evil formula plaguing the industry (glaring at you Evil Within). While Amnesia: The Dark Descent was the original pioneer of the modern indie horror genre, Outlast was responsible for bringing the gameplay style to a vastly broader audience. Influences from the title’s ‘Run and Hide’ gameplay design can be seen in a plethora of horror titles ranging...

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Review – The Silver Case HD (PS4)

“You falling in love with a serial killer?” 1999 was an interesting year; the Nintendo GameCube was released, Tony Soprano graced TV for the first time and Nemesis was firmly imprinted in my nightmares. Society was hurtling towards the new millennium, breaking out of the analogue era and heading straight for the digital. Many looked upon this with a sense of intrigue, pondering what the next century would bring. Such is the case within Shirubaa Jiken “The Silver Incident” which is a text based, point and click adventure game developed by Goichi Suda (more commonly referred to as Suda51)...

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Horizon Zero Dawn – 50 hours of Post-Post-Apocalyptic Intrigue

“There’s so much more to discover before the world ends…” Within the 50 hours I spent inside the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, I found myself in a sense of both awe and disbelief. The aesthetic tropes of the modern, open-world RPG and familiar ‘loot and craft’ style gameplay are both something that we’ve seen a lot of in triple-a releases of recent years; from the Far Cry series to the Witcher 3, the style of gameplay is considered by many to be an outdated format, in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. Developed by Guerrilla Games...

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