Author: Kyle Doherty

Review – Immortal Redneck (PS4)

Tweet “Fuckin’ taxes, man. Just like the fed fuckin’ government.” Having initially released on April 25th 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Immortal Redneck is the product of Spanish indie developer: Crema Games and sees a redneck (called Redneck) get transported back in time to ancient Egypt to unleash havoc across procedurally generated pyramids. Combining old school FPS gameplay with ‘rogue-lite’ mechanics such as procedurally generated dungeons and a permadeath system that makes you choose your loadouts carefully, Immortal Redneck pays serious homage to old school shooters such as Doom and Unreal Tournament. The console port dropped on February 27th 2018...

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Super Daryl Deluxe – Release date info and pricing detailed

Tweet “Experience high school again in Super Daryl Deluxe, the last totally normal high school themed RPGvania you’ll ever want.” Hailing from Rochester, New York is the artist-programmer duo Dan & Gary Games who are hard at work bringing their first title: Super Daryl Deluxe to the forefront of the gaming world. Super Daryl Deluxe brings the classic 2D setting of the Metroidvania genre and fuses it together with RPG elements and a brawler-style combat system opting for an “RPGvania” experience. Today, the duo announced in a press release that their “first pathetic attempt at facial hair” will be...

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Bombslinger explodes onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PC on 11th April 2018

Tweet “You kids get off my Lawn!” Originating on Steam Greenlight on 11th March 2016, Bombslinger is a 4 player, penny arcade-esque free-for-all, stylised in the theme of the old west. The game follows the Bombslinger, a renegade outlaw turned rancher who is on a quest of revenge against his brother: the Gunslinger for the murder of his significant other and the destruction of his ranch. The game will feature procedurally generated levels, a plethora of weapons as well as character progression and skill upgrades, all while telling a dark tale that will feel right at home within the...

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City of the Shroud – Release date info, pricing and console ports detailed

Tweet “A tactical RPG where all players’ choices come together to drive a living story, created by a AAA veteran and a chart-topping author. Funded in 9 days.” Originating on Kickstarter in April 2016 and heavily inspired by tactical RPGs such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem; City of the Shroud is a tactical RPG featuring an explosive combo-based battle system and a narrative that builds itself around player choice. Having achieved a crowd-fund of $16,239 with the help of 302 backers, developer Abyssal Arts have been hard at work building a breathtaking world that not only feels alive,...

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Review – Metal Gear Survive (PS4)

Tweet “Metal Gear!? It can’t be…” Following the split of Konami and Kojima Productions in October 2015, many fans were met with concerns regarding the future of the Metal Gear franchise, especially being left in the hands of a toxic publisher such as Konami (Pachinko machines incoming!). Now in February 2018 the next iteration of the series has arrived in the form of Metal Gear Survive, an online-only (and microtransaction heavy) open-world zombie survival sandbox that couldn’t be further from the original vision of the franchise. Metal Gear Survive released in the UK on February 22nd 2018, and as...

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