“You kids get off my Lawn!”

Originating on Steam Greenlight on 11th March 2016, Bombslinger is a 4 player, penny arcade-esque free-for-all, stylised in the theme of the old west. The game follows the Bombslinger, a renegade outlaw turned rancher who is on a quest of revenge against his brother: the Gunslinger for the murder of his significant other and the destruction of his ranch. The game will feature procedurally generated levels, a plethora of weapons as well as character progression and skill upgrades, all while telling a dark tale that will feel right at home within the wild west. “We’ve enjoyed working with players to make sure Bombslinger has enough content to create a highly replayable experience players can enjoy alone or with friends” says Ferry Keesom (Co-Founder, Programmer and Designer at Mode4) “We look forward to sharing the fruits of our love of classic westerns and bomb-slinging games with new audiences.”

Developer Mode4 announced today that the game would be coming out of Steam Early Access and would be getting a full retail release for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC cn 11th April 2018. The game will feature all of the content from the early access as well as “enough new items, environments and enemies to fill a general goods store”. Bombslinger is currently available on steam for £8.99, but no pricing details have been given for the full retail release; additionally the game will available in a number of different languages such as “French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and Simplified Chinese” making it readily available across Europe.

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