2K have today announced that the first DLC pack in the new Frontier Pass is out now for Civilization VI.

The Maya & Gran Colombia pack is available now on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The full pass is priced at £32.99 whilst you buy this pack individually for £7.39. It includes:

New Leader: Lady Six Sky of the Maya civilization
New Leader: Simón Bolívar of Gran Colombia
New Game Mode: “Apocalypse” Game Mode (requires Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm expansion to play)
New Resources: Honey (luxury), Maize (bonus)
New Natural Wonders: Bermuda Triangle, Paititi, Fountain of Youth
New City-States: Caguana (cultural), Singapore (industrial), Lahore (militaristic), Vatican City (religious), Taruga (scientific), Hunza (trade)

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