During The Video Game Awards last night, Capcom unveiled a whole host of new information regarding Devil May Cry 5, as well as a exclusive Xbox One demo which is available to download today!

This demo exclusively for Xbox One owners will let players take on the role of young demon hunter Nero on the streets of Red Grave City as he takes on several demons including the Mighty Goliath in the eternal battle between the forces of good and evil.

Players can execute devastating attacks on enemies using Nero’s special Devil Breaker arms designed by his partner in crime and self-professed “weapons artist” Nico. Combined with melee attacks using his ‘Red Queen’ sword and the long range firepower of his ‘Blue Rose’ handgun, the power of Nero’s Devil Breaker arms make the dramatic, adrenaline-fuelled action even more thrilling. It has also been revealed that fan favorite Bloody Palace Mode will also be coming to the game as an update in April. The three different demons were also revealed who can help you in battle. These include:

  • Shadow – a swift, four-legged panther-like creature with savage agility that sees him change his shape into sharp blades and needles for perfectly executed close-range attacks
  • Griffon – a bird-like demon possessing aerial combat skills which allows him to carry V across Red Grave City and shoot lightning bolts at enemies from up above
  • Nightmare – the most powerful of V’s demons. Nightmare’s gigantic size sees him destroy enemies with just his basic attack, and he can also fire beams of light to destroy any approaching foes.

Take a look at the brand new Devil May Cry 5 trailer and be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.