The trading card game based on everyone’s favourite JRP series (waits for DQ and Persona fans to comment) has released its 12th set, Opus XII Crystal Awakening.

Long time readers will know how much I enjoying playing FFTCG and I’m often Ex-Bursting my way around the nation spamming Dragoons on to the the field. Theres a rumour going around that I’d considered retiring my Dragoons, well this rumour was true, then Opus XII Crystal Awakening went and added some support for the ‘goons one of which has a full art!

Hype in the Final Fantasy TCG community is huge around this set, something that Covid-19 seemed to damped for the release of Opus XI, it’s been delightful to see so much excitement around a set, but is that excitement warranted?

FFTCG continues to evolve with each set and with Opus XII it’s developed opposable thumbs, dual element cards are here at last. This may not seem overly exciting on the surface, especially for me as I do like a good ol mono-deck. 

However, it does bridge the gap between elements in new an exciting ways, decks that were ‘almost there’ now have greater synergy. Not all the dual element cards are hugely game changing in terms of their abilities where as some, such as Thancred (12-124L) make me curious to see if my Dragoons can go for a splash (I’ve always found that water slows down my goon deck too much). Besides, anything that adds greater deck building strategy is always welcome. 

Multi element cards aren’t the only new edition to Opus XII, Final Fantasy Explorers joins the tabletop fray. I’ll be entirely honest, it’s not a Final Fantasy game I’ve played but I’m sure it has a loyal fanbase that love it just as much as I love the ever controversial Final Fantasy XIII.

Now, all of that would be enough excitement for one set however we also have Full Arts. I know what you’re thinking, they aren’t new. No they aren’t, but Legacy Full Arts are. Normally all Full Art card variants have been of the same Opus as their release, Legacy Full Arts are Full Art variants of cards from previous opus, including the much despised (by me at least) Shantotto (1-107L)

As we each Opus I’m going to pick out the cards I’m most excited by, so lets get on with it.

Surprising none of you I’m sure is Dragoon. Now, most my goons live in a permanent state of Haste thanks to Barb but if she’s not around early game this could be some nice sneaky damage. Not to mention breaking a forward if I have 4 more goons in hand (lets face it, I will have), this nice little ability means this guy will be hitting the field first each time.

Like you didn’t see this coming, you know who’s writing this right? Now, as anyone who’s played agains’t me knows, I love Barbara (7-097R), my opponents love breaking her, this back up is simply means Barb doesn’t stay gone for long. Plus at only 2CP it’s a good bargain no matter which goon you bring back. Only downside is that he’s not searchable using KoB.

In truth Diabolos frightens me, it’s cheap, its nasty and its killing pretty much whatever it wants, the +1k back ups for opus one haven’t even really left play, and lets be honest, they aren’t going to but Diabolos is certainly a reason you might give that back up slot to something else.

Counters! Everyone loves counters, heck the only think we like more are Freeze tokens. Pulling peeps back from the break zone is nice, I don’t think you’ll gat much use out of Lenna to be honest but if she annoys Neo Exdeath even slightly she’s great in my book (Plus, this card is so damm pretty).

So Veritas of the Dark wasn’t annoying enough apparently, so to fix that we have Neo Exdeath. I mean by the crystals, this guy is going to be seen a lot. Is he the end times? No, I mean he has to survive a turn, I for one will be keeping an Odin handy for this pest. Although as I typed that I’ve already thought up annoying combinations that keep this chap around.

Oh look, more break zone retuning (yes, I like that mechanic, yes, I want to play Kain as many times as possible) You can read this card, it does so much that I like and the art work is snazzy. Amano cards always seem to be my Art Tart favourite of each set, but Amano aside, this would be my pick for prettiest card.

So, that about sums up my musings on Opus XI, I wonder how this set will play out and more importantly I wonder when we’ll all be playing in person once again. Until I sit across from you again, stay safe and Dragoons Eternal.

Square Enix kindly provided us with some boosters so we could get to grips this Opus.