Ever wanted to combine the best of Facebook, Twitter, Metacritic, Quora, Reddit, IGN and Gamespot into one powerful and exclusive network for gamers, publishers and developers? Well, please welcome GameCritter.

Now on Kickstarter, it is aiming to connect gamers all together as they review games, host forums and Q&As, create clans (groups) and also level up with our gamification system. Indie gamers will certainly benefit from this as they can crowdfund their projects, sell their games and build a following. Josiah Roche, CEO and Founder of GameCritter stated:

Our experienced team have spent years in the industry. We understand the gaps, the underlying needs, desires and behaviours of the different types of gamers. Yet we won’t kid ourselves. Although successful with past projects, we understand that GameCritter is no easy task. We are dedicated to delivering a meaningful experience that will add value to the lives of gamers worldwide, or we’ll die trying.

The main features include:


Social Platform with User Posts, Friends, Instant messaging & Commenting
Community-Driven Reviews, Guides, Discussion Forums & Question/Answer Forums
Addictive Levelling & Rewards System with over 1,500+ Levels & 13 Ranks
Hundreds of Unique Collectable Avatars, Companions, Badges & Achievements
Competitive Leaderboards with Various Metrics and Clans (Grouping)


Dedicated Profile Pages to Build & Foster Fan Followings
Raise Crowdfunding for New Projects with Support from Fans
Create Revenue by Selling Games Directly from Our Platform
Smart Targeted Advertising with Multiple Metrics
Powerful Analytics Dashboard for Big Data Handling
Conduct User Surveys & Polls to Gauge Strategic Business Direction

Take a look at a little introductory video and be sure to let us know if you will be backing GameCritter via the comment section below.