Please don’t hurt me…
The humble boss battle eh? The always say they’re there to test the player to prove what they have learnt up to that point, and there have been many incredible ones over the decades; you only have to look as far as Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid to see that! But if these ‘tests’ are what you have learnt up to a certain point, then what the hell are superbosses!? A testament of dedication to our favourite games I’d say! These optional challenges are put in these games to show off our mettle and expert level skills that only come from hours upon hours of grinding with some shameless fanboying thrown in. So what are the superbosses that got us at Game Hype pulling our collective hair out, leaving us curled up in the fetal position in front on our TV’s? LET’S FIND OUT!

Adam O’Connell (@mynameisfrog_GH)

Game: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix

Boss: The Lingering Will

In my 15+ years of service to the Kingdom Hearts series, I thought I had conquered everything. I had slain Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts I & II, I had toppled the Titans, exorcised the Phantom, cut down the dreaded Kurt Zisa, one bombed the Mysterious Figure and have even thus far made some pretty solid leeway through the Organisation XIII Data Forms; but nothing and I mean nothing will prepare you for the notorious Linger Will. After completing  Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix’s main story, return to Disney Castle and head to The Hall of the Cornerstone, there you will discover a black hole ominously present in the middle of the room said to contain a place between light and darkness. Enter and you will find yourself in the ‘Gathering Place’ a realm all to familiar to the Birth By Sleep fans. Once confronted by the Keyblade wielding, suit of Armour: The Lingering Will (who again a more familiar figure as the series has progressed through the years) the fight is on. Blink and you’ll miss it cause chance are in your first try you’ll be dead within a few seconds! He can lock some of your commands, his combos are savage and his movements are so lightning quick that even at level 99 I just can’t overcome, as it takes more than just max stats to beat this guy, quick reflexes and a watchful eye are key. And what do you get for downing this foe!?! an extra point on your drive gauge and the Connections Proof, a bloody crown for Sora! which offers no advantage at all! Attempt if you dare…

Kyle Doherty (@Antigenetic92)

Game: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Boss: Senator Armstrong (Revengeance Difficulty)

One could be forgiven for thinking that this guy was a parody of Donald Trump in the modern political climate, but Senator Armstrong was the textbook definition of a “Rock Hard Bastard”  in 2009’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (I’m still adamant that revengeance isn’t a word). Being a spin-off from the legendary Metal Gear series, Revengeance had it’s work cut out to live up to the hype and quality of it’s mother series, especially so as it was the first Metal Gear title to not feature the legendary mercenary: Snake in any way, shape or form, opting instead for the whiney-blonde turned break-dancing, Cyborg Ninja badass: Raiden. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’s final boss: Senator Armstrong is as right wing as one can get, and is a difficult fight even on the lower difficulty settings; however, Revengeance difficulty is a different beast altogether and is legitimately one of the only times where I’ve come close to throwing a controller against a wall. 6 hours later I finally managed to defeat the SOB, but I was definitely a changed person by this point (and not for the better). Definitely one to avoid unless you’re a sadist, but the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies kicking his ass is second to none (just be sure there are no swear jars floating around).

Aaron Moger (@aaronvaanmoger)

Game: Anima: Gate of Memories

Boss: Jonathan Kappel

In a time where the Dark Souls series was at its peak, smashing sales with its difficult and engaging gameplay I was embroiled in another game less known by the wider gaming audience; the game I speak of is Anima: Gate of Memories. This punky little game comes with everything you would need; bad voice acting, an egotistical talking book and relentlessly hard bosses. One boss in particular had me trying till the cows came home, with the boss in question being known as Jonathan Kappel. He is just a normal, average looking human dressed as a croupier and you would think nothing more than an easy mark, but oh no! this guy mean business! He summons orbs that fire rapidly at you whilst raining down giant red beams and other nasty attacks, meaning its almost impossible to get a hit in edge-ways. If you do somehow manage to get close to him, you can get a lot of hits in but if you end up getting caught in his attacks he will cut you down lightning fast. It doesn’t at all help with the added distraction of switching characters on the fly, which is something you will need to do here as well as with other bosses. If you do manage to bring Jonathan Kappel down it will probably make you wonder what the rest of the game’s bosses are like, all I know is that there aren’t many, I wouldn’t know personally as I never got back to the game since Jonathan Kappel’s defeat but I think it would be correct to assume they are equally if not worse; this guy however is a little bitch that will make you his little bitch.

Daniel Scott (@The_DanielScott)

Game: Sonic the hedgehog 2 (Sega Master System version)

Boss: Antlion Mecha

While the final bosses of Dark Chronicle 2 first came to my mind, I had a sudden memory of this little monster from Sonic the hedgehog 2, I was 7-8 years old and I loved my three sonic cartridges (Sonic 1, 2 & Chaos) but I only ever played the first three stages of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, as when I got to the boss below I would press reset on the console, this was because it scared me. And looking at this screen shot now Iv not a clue why, But I know it did. I really enjoyed the underground zones mine-carts too so I would happily replay the start of the game again and again, And I did.


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