Confirmed during Nintendo direct’s live streaming, the two Nintendo Switch Pokemon games were given a new trailer and included some new details about the game.


The long-awaited debut of Pokemon on home consoles is almost here. For years, gamers have clamoured for the 3ds versions to get the console treatment and at last Pokemon Sword & Shield will help satisfy the demand. (If it delivers).

Initial news about the games was fairly brief and succinct beforehand. That was until today, as we got a proper good look at the game and heard the first of some very positive news for Pokemon fans around the globe.

Much like Pokemon go, Pokemon sword and shield will encourage co-operative play in the form of raids. A first for the franchise on consoles a new max raid battle event will take place, giving Pokemon trainers the chance to nab a rare pokemon whilst teaming up with 3 other trainers to attempt a Poke knockout. Except there’s a catch, these Pokemon will be super-sized, and super-powerful which should lead to some exciting and very enthralling battles.

We also learned more about the region of Galar and how it will be based on the United Kingdom.

There are new characters to come into the fray including a new trainer known as Leon, a champion trainer who’s brother Hop is your main rival. His journey begins on the same day as yours, which means that we’re going to see quite a traditional story line structure for Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

You and your rival will be getting help from a brand new Poke Prof, known as Professor Magnolia, along with her assistant Sonya.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer featured five brand new never seen before Gen 8 Pokemon, which are as follows: The Sheep Pokemon Wooloo, Gossifleur & Eldegoss (flower pokemon), a bite pokemon known as Drednaw, and lastly the winner of weirdest Pokemon name ever, goes to Corviknight who can assist with fast travel and is a flying pokemon.

Rounding the live stream up, Game Freak then shocked viewers with the news of two new legendaries. Zacian and Zamazenta, both visually clearly inspired by the titles of the new games and looking pretty darn pleasing on the eye.