Following on from the EPIC Store exclusive fiasco, backers that wish to redeem the game on the Steam store can now claim a refund for 2 weeks only.


The official press release as stated in the project update email reads as followed:

Please note the following revision concerning PC option availability.

In the previous Update On PC Version Rewards, the following option for the PC (Epic Games Store) version was announced:

“If selecting either the PC Physical or PC Digital version, an option to also receive a Steam key one year later will be available.”

As negotiations with Valve are ongoing, we are not able to make a firm commitment at this point concerning the availability of the Steam keys.

Requests for Steam keys will be accepted through the survey, however, there is the possibility that Steam keys will ultimately not be distributed depending on negotiations with Valve. An announcement will be posted in the updates with the outcome of the negotiations.

We apologize for this revision to the previously stated PC option.

Refund Eligibility and Details

Refund Eligibility

Backers who had already selected a PC version of the game at the time of survey resend will be eligible for a refund. Please note that backers who selected a PS4 version will not be eligible.

Refund Processing

Refund requests will be accepted only through the backer survey during the survey period. 

Refund processing timing may vary depending on payment service and transaction status. It may take 20 business days to 3 months from the time the refund request is made until the refund transaction is completed.

We promise to proceed with refund request processing promptly and reliably, however, due to the fact that the campaign is now 4 years on, along with the complexity of the transactions and payment service system arrangements, we ask for your understanding that processing times may vary depending on individual transaction circumstances.

Refunds and In-game Rewards

In-game rewards for backers who request a refund are planned to be removed, however, there may be instances where removal may not be possible. We ask for your understanding that production of in-game rewards has been well underway and that changing implemented content is difficult at this stage of development.

Payment Services for Refund Transaction

Kickstarter backers will be refunded through PayPal. A PayPal account will be necessary to transact the refund. We kindly ask your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Slacker Backers and upgrade/add-on purchases will be refunded either through PayPal or Softbank Payment, depending on your original payment service selection.

My Thoughts

Basically then, PC backers who refuse to be forced into using a store they may not wish to, through no fault of their own, may not even get a key for steam at all!!! This is ridiculous peddling to EPIC from Yu Suzuki for extra £££. The team behind this have failed to realize the uproar amongst the PC community. I fear the damage caused by this will become beyond repair.

I understand YS.NET needing as much funding as possible to produce the best game he can and to safe-guard the franchise for future releases, but this is a shitty way to go about it. You DO NOT promise backers a game on the steam page, then take their money and change the terms of redeeming the game, that’s called LIEING and has caused great inconvenience to that community of gamers. It’s a horrendous move with horrendous implications, just sheer stupidity from all concerned, springs to mind.

As a result of all this, it’s fans of Shenmue that suffer the impact. Rightly Suzuki will get his criticism and share of heated offensives sent his way, I worry Shenmue the game will be hit hardest here. Casuals will laugh and ridicule the developers behind it for years to come, vowing to never go near a game made by those studios. Whilst those hurt the most by this stunt in the PC community will never back a Suzuki Kickstarter again (Should the series need it at a later date). So all in all, Shenmue suffers, Suzuki suffers, and the Shenmue fans suffer.

Yeah, good move Suzuki…..Real smart…Way to go in listening to fan feedback and treating those so loyal to the game with utter contempt.