We all love a bit of local multiplayer, well, actually we love a lot of local multiplayer…especially on Nintendo Switch.

The team at Snakebyte is fully aware that marathon sessions of Smash Bros or Mario Party can become uncomfortable affairs. This is where they stepped in with comfort in mind.

Meet the Multi:Playcon. 16 of these can be paired with either your Switch or Switch Lite, and with a range of 7 meters, you won’t have to be sat on top of each other to play.

The Multi:Playcon is larger than the official JoyCon for a more comfortable play experience, it’s built to last and produces less fatigue when one more game becomes one more game over and over again. The Multi:Playcon features analog sticks and micromotor vibration combine to ensure that the gamer remains in control even in the trickest of moments.

The Multi:Playcon is available in two sets of pairs. Blue and Orange or Black and Grey. They are available at selected retailers or directly from Snakebytes website for 34.99€.