Dovetail Games have today announced the release of the Long Island Rail Road route for Train Sim World.

Dovetail Games have lovingly recreated another route for Train Sim World. This route incorporates expert technical knowledge, real-world data, the performance, sounds and feel have all been accurately reproduced to make the trains feel just like the real thing.  Here is the official description:

Explore the Big City
Train Sim World: Long Island Rail Road features all three of LIRR’s key New York-area stations – Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal, and Long Island City – extends east to Hicksville, New York, and includes the captivating Hempstead Branch.

Power and Capability
Take the controls of Long Island Rail Road’s workhorse LIRR M7 EMU, with true-to-life operating controls and featuring an authentic DC Electric simulation underpinned with expert technical knowledge and real-world data. The performance, sounds and feel has been accurately reproduced to make it feel just like the real thing.

Dashing Commuter
It’s your job to deliver New York area commuters to work and back on time and happy, calling at a total of 26 LIRR stations. Experience the excitement and challenges as you navigate LIRR’s main line and make your way through key New York-area station such as Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal and Long Island City. Whether you’re at the controls of a LIRR M7, riding along or watching the show from trackside you’ll soon fall in love with the Long Island Rail Road.

Key Features
– 42-mile route including 26 stations on the Long Island Rail Road, extending from New York Penn Station to Hicksville, New York. The route also includes Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, Long Island City station, and the LIRR’s Hempstead branch
– Highly detailed, feature-rich, driving cab for the M7 Electric-Multiple-Unit with accurate performance, true-to-life handling and detailed sound recordings
– Five detailed and engaging scenarios for the route
– 100 Collectibles for you to find all along the route
– Accessible tutorials for the LIRR M7 to get you started quickly
– 24-Hour Service Mode Timetable

Take a look at the trailer for this new route and be sure to give us your thoughts via the comment section below.