It’s an exciting time for the Transformers Trading Card game as Wave 4 Spoiler Season is upon us. 

We’ve been remiss here at GameHype and haven’t played as much Transformers TCG as we’d like. Well, with wave 4 fast approaching we’ve decided to take a look back and Wave 3 aka Siege 1. 

With any TCG the rarest cards and the most exciting (although, Starscream is always the best card to pull even if he isn’t an SRT) and as this set lines up with the upcoming Transformers television series The War for Cybertron. 

The Super Rare Transformers for wave 3 are Major Ultra Magnus (SRT T11/T48), General Megatron (SRT T06/T48), Major Shockwave ( SRT T09/T48) and Sergeant Cog – Artillery Mechanic (T42/T48). My favourite of these has to be General Megatron, not only is the artwork absolutely stunning. Megatron stood dominating the entire landscape of the card, staring out at you with those menacing red eyes. It perfectly captures the sheer malice and powerful majesty of Megatron (pfft, Starscream rules). From a rules point of view, Megaton is an all-out attack tour de force. Every time you flip or ‘Transform’ Megatron you’re causing some sneaky deceptive damage to your foes bots. I’m sure General Megatron has seen play all over the Transformers TCG world. 

Just look at that artwork…All Hail Megatron!
Ravage eject

The set also introduces Battle Masters and Micro Master adding even more of the storied Transformers cannon to the TCG. These are character cards but are the size of standard battle cards. These cards either act as allies to your bigger bots in the case of Micro Master or in the case of the Battle Masters, transform into upgrades for you main bots helping add extra punch to vanquish those foolish enough to stand in your way.

As well as new types of cards some fan favourite characters finally showed up in the game. The hype and anticipation for Soundwave was insane, not to mention the sound that leapt from my lips when I cracked a pack and pulled Ravage. 

Speaking of Ravage and Soundwave, how could I not mention the recently release Blaster Vs Soundwave deck. The deck obviously contains large cards of the eponymous bots but also features Eject, Ramhorn, Steeljaw, Buzzsaw, Frenzy and Ravage. Now, for a large (mistaken) majority of transformers nothing sums up the 80’s nostalgia of Transformers then Soundwave (should really be that sound of Starscreams Null Ray). So much so that several friends of mine have started to play the TCG purely because this deck exists.

This is the 35th-Anniversary edition in all its G1 glory.

Now, my being a big ol’ geek isn’t exactly a secret and one thing that has become apparent from the first 3 waves of the Transformers Trading Card Game is Hasbro commitment to scale. Transformers come in all shapes and sizes and this is physically reflected with the size of the physical cards themselves, from the standard size cards representing the micro and battle masters, up to the huge cards for the titans like Metroplex and Devastator. This attention to detail is evidential of the commitment and love Hasbro and Wizards have for the TCG as a whole. 

The Transformers Trading Card game continues to grow and things don’t seem to be slowing down which is fantastic and with Wave 4, unsurprisingly called Siege 2 almost upon us Transformers hype has the Game Hype offices fit to explode. We’ll be back with more Transformers Trading card game coverage soon. 

As always, roll out and Hali Starscream until all are one!