Rebellion have today announced the launch of brand new campaign content for Zombie Army 4.

Alpine Blitz is the second mission in Season 2’s thrilling new Death from Above campaign. Having fought your way through hell frozen over in the Alps, you and your team of deadhunters find yourselves besieged by an undead flying object; a zombie dirigible!

Fight your way through a zombie-infested train while the looming airship threatens to lay waste to the track! Can you survive long enough to reach a nearby airfield for help, or will the satanic zeppelin rain death on you and the Resistance? It’s not the end of the content that’s available. Also included:

Holiday Season Headgear Bundle
Holiday Weapon Skins
Berserker Boris Outfit
SVT-38 Rifle Bundle
Sten MK2 SMG Bundle
Holiday Season Charm Pack

Take a look at the trailer for the new mission and let us know your thoughts via the comment section belowl