Dark Deity Advances onto Nintendo Switch Today

Dark Deity, the turn-based tactical RPG inspired by the genre’s classics from developer Sword and Axe and publisher Freedom Games, makes its debut on Nintendo Switch today.
Join Brookstead Military Academy recruits as they charge full speed onto 28 battle maps across the war-ravaged lands of Terrazael, complete with beautifully reworked environmental art. Fall into a captivating story told through the eyes of 30 dynamic characters, and form deep bonds with more than 450 unlockable interactions. Experiment with more than 320 rebalanced weapons, spells, and skills equipable across a range of customizable classes including Mages, Rogues, Warriors, Clerics, Rangers, and Adepts. 

Return to the war-torn land of Terrazael with fresh eyes thanks to completely reworked environmental art across all 28 battlefield maps. Take a moment of respite between each turn and bask in the sun with upgraded lighting effects and sprite shadows giving each encounter picturesque visuals. Experiment with more than 320 rebalanced weapons, spells, and skills to discover the best builds and prepare the young heroes for the battles to come. 

Follow Irving, Garrick, Maren, and Alden as their peaceful lives come to a halt after the King of Delia violates a thousand-year-long pact, thrusting these fresh recruits into the fray. Develop the quartet’s highly customizable class trees, among other allies made along the way, including the likes of Mages, Rogues, Warriors, Clerics, Rangers, and Adepts. Endure the consequences of decisions on the battlefield with a fresh take on the classic perma-death system, called Grave Wounds. Once the health of a character reaches zero, instead of being removed from the party, they take a permanent stat penalty, determined by the type of injury.

Take part in a captivating story through the eyes of 30 playable characters voiced by English talent like Kira Buckland (Nier Automata, Persona 5 Strikers, Demon Slayer). Form deep romantic and platonic relationships by unlocking more than 450 character interactions. Fall in love with an iconic cast as they work together to confront each other’s innermost demons and carry the overall burdens of warfare.

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