Deep Silver have announced that Part 1 of the Valley of the Dormant Gods DLC is now available to purchase for Gods will Fall.

This first part of the DLC sees players visit a snowy mountain realm and slay Yaltogguth, the terrifying god of Eyes. If you need help, you have it in the guise of the new warrior class, the Brawler – equipped with lethal gauntlets, a quick fighting style and the ability to grab enemies without stunning them. Some new skills and items for your clan will also add to your arsenal. Main features include:

A new realm

A mountainous new realm to explore, with a new god to defeat – Yaltogguth, the god of Eyes.

A new weapon class

One new weapon class – the brawler, equipped with gauntlets.

Three new skills

Agile Warrior, Momentum of War, and Parry Master.

Three new items

Blood Moss, Bone Quake, and War Paint, plus new cosmetic clothing items for your warriors.

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