A Good Point and Click Horror to spend the Winter Nights

Dream is a point and click puzzle game that takes place in an Old Hospital where strange occurrences are ever-present and everything is not what it seems. You play as an unnamed character of an anime-style whose name soon becomes apparent.

As I find myself awake and coming to terms with what was happening I am able to interact with just about everything on the screen and easily within the first ten minutes of playing, I found myself stuck, it really was a simple solution but I had been trying to figure it out for what seemed hours.

The gameplay in Dream is point and click most of the time although the first sign of gameplay is a sort of time event requiring you to line the icon to the correct area, it also features flashbacks and some cutscenes that don’t give too much away but I am intrigued to see how these play out and how much we will see. When the main character is speaking it is told through on-screen dialogue with a depiction of the character as a silhouette much like a typical JRPG. Although I have yet to uncover much else of the game the graphics are presented well and the first screen depicts an eerie-looking morgue which definitely heightens the creepy factor.

The game always keeps you up to date with new information and items you find, items can be used from the right side of the screen and then used by presenting the item to where you think it should be used.

So within the first screen lies a body under a sheet and for probably the right reason Ho Yingmeng the main character doesn’t want to remove the cover, there is also a desk, a vent, a corpse record, a sink with pipes that need rearranging, an electric box that needs connecting and also a rag. As I connected the pipes to turn the tap on and just about looking everywhere for the next clue of what to do all I had was a terminal with no clue as what the code was and an electric box that I had no idea how to connect up the missing pieces, it wasn’t until after a good while that I found out I had to use a wet rag to clean the desk of undescribable dirt which hid the answer of how to connect the electric box. Once this was done I thought great until I realized I was now stuck again.

While playing Dream I was constantly reminded of the eeriness of it from the ambient haunting melody wondering what will happen next.

Dream is a great game that definitely requires your full attention to uncover the mysteries and goings-on and I am interested to uncover more of it going forward, I’m just not sure how long it will take me

A Nintendo Switch Review Code was provided by Winking Entertainment