Marvel in the Next Gen Marsupial Hero

With the PS5 being around for over half a year now it has seen some incredible graphical releases but now Insomniacs iconic Lombax is back with the power of the PS5 behind and it sure does show. Ratchet and Clanks release in 2016 on PS4 was simply stunning to look at but now we see Ratchet and Clank in the most incredible detail like never before.

Ratchet and Clank is usually the same formula for each release. A light-hearted save the planet action game that can easily be mistaken for a Pixar movie, the fact it looks like one and can be played while looking like a movie just blows my mind even now with the detail we see. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart offers more of the same with new fluid gameplay mechanics, characters, and cartoon comedy, which is still a joy and never feels too much or too little.

The details of each character are incredible, from the actual fur that you can see on Ratchet down to the reflection that can be seen on Clanks shiny body. With the choice of being able to tinker with the graphics, it is possible to sacrifice a lower resolution for enhanced 60 frames per second or the 4K mode which presents playing at 30 frames per second at the cost of a higher resolution, whichever you choose the game looks incredible and stunning.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart has an incredible and balanced combat system that is fluid and fun and really pushes what we have seen previously to a new level. With an array of Weapons at Ratchets side including some returning favourites you can feel every shot and every bullet thanks to the PS5s haptic feedback. I found myself using the trusty wrench less often except when overwhelmed by a pack of robotic hounds and slamming down on them for visual appeal, the game throws many more enemies than we have seen before making fights more of a challenge but being able to weave in and out of enemies attacks such as beams using the Phantom Dash is ever so satisfying, the vast array of arsenal I had means I found myself always switching weapons depending on the situation.

The gameplay consists of the same deal as in all other main entries including defeating enemies, smashing open boxes and collecting bolts that can be used for purchasing new weapons and also raritanium which is used for upgrading. I found the difficulty on Normal perfect for me although I did die a few times, it is by no means frustrating. There are however much harder and easier difficulties that do make the game a lot more accessible to a more relaxed and hardcore audience.

Rift Apart also focuses on a new character known by the name of Rivet who appears in an alternate dimension. Ratchet soon finds himself isolated from his trusty friend Clank and is once again on a journey to stop Dr Nefarious and meets new characters on the way while also meeting some old friends also. In true fashion known to the series, you will find yourself in an array of situations such as riding on the back of moving objects, sliding along rails and otherwise navigating the world using Ratchets inventory of super gadgets. Some of these are returning favourites but the most noticeable is the ability to pull yourself through Dimensional tears, these will pull you out of a tricky situation or pull you to another part of the area, wall running is another awesome feature and really makes navigating that much more enjoyable.

Eventually, you will get to play as Rivet who plays the same as Ratchet, both a good and bad thing as I would of a character who feels different to shake up the gameplay, a good thing as you will most likely be too used to playing as Ratchet that alternating gameplay may throw you off completely. That is not to say there aren’t the small sections of gameplay where you get to play as other characters because there is plenty. There are sections where you get to play as Clank again but also you get to play as a small and cute robotic spider known as Glitch. This charming arthropod appears once you need to hack into a terminal, you are then greeted by a small section of gameplay where you navigate the inside of a small digital type world. Here you must destroy viruses to get whatever is blocking Ratchets way moving again. These small segments are super fun and weirdly optional if you do not wish to do them, an odd choice. Personally, I found these sections of gameplay super fun. I always enjoyed completing them as glitch has such a cool personality and the music in these sections is awesome.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart does have a great score of music which is what you would expect, such as the club music playing as you navigate the cyberpunk city with the sounds of robots going about their lives. The array of environments is impressive and the care taken to bring these areas to life is incredible.

A PlayStation 5 Review code was provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment