As we near tomorrow’s launch, SEGA have today released the 2nd episode of the Sonic Origins Speed Strats.

See below for a breakdown of what was discussed in the second episode: 

Sonic’s Background – After Sonic learns that Dr. Eggman was headed to South Island with a plan to find the mystical Chaos Emeralds, he set out to stop the villain and save the animals that have been turned into Badniks. 

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • Rings – In-game players will come across rings (not to be confused with coins). If Sonic is holding at least one ring, players can take a hit from enemies or other dangerous obstacles. Once hit, rings will spill out and players will have the ability to retrieve them. 
  • Lamppost – Lampposts save players’ progression, so be sure to spin them when spotted in-game. 
  • Monitors – In-game, break monitors to gain rings, lives and a powerful shield that will protect Sonic from one hit.
  • Insta-Death – Even if players have rings or a shield, being crushed will result in an insta-death so be careful to always watch your step.

New Features – In Sonic Origins, players now can dash through the game as Tails and Knuckles. In-game Tails can fly whereas Knuckles can glide and climb. These heroes have the opportunity to use the Spin Dash ability in Classic Mode, while in Anniversary Mode, players will be able to find coins – the new currency in Sonic Origins. Players can also utilize Sonic’s new “Drop Dash” ability, first introduced in Sonic Mania.

Take a look at the second episode and let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.