Fuzzballs are back! For those of you unfamiliar with the Fuzzballs check them out here.

Fuzzballs is an animated web comic series about the Zany adventures of Fuzzcat Whisky, Fuzzbunny Ollie, Fuzztiger Timmy and all their Fuzzballs friends.

This has basically been me all of lockdown!

As you know GameHype are based in Birmingham and we’re proudly Brummie, as such I wanted to share Fuzzballs new kickstarter as they also hail from the 2nd city!

Being local I reached out to Fuzzball creator Marc Sach to ask him what inspired him to bring his passion for adorable fuzzy creatures and gaming together. Marc said:

‘The Fuzzballs love yummy treats, adventure and of course video games. Video games, just like the world of Fuzzballs are filled with fun vibrant worlds that spread joy and allow us to forget some of the less nice things out there in the real world. Whisky the cat is a huge fan of dressing up as her favourite characters to bring joy to others and all the other Fuzzballs love to play games too in co-op and competive video games. So it was just natural that the Fuzzballs would love to show off one of their main passions, video games. Of course their other passion is food so that clearly has to be added into the mix too.’

Fuzzballs run the gamete of all things adorable but they have now invaded gaming. This enamel pin collection is inspired by all our favourite games and heroes. I enjoyed seeing how many I recognised, I wonder if you can get them all?

Can you guess which is my favourite?

Of course, you’ve seen the images here and now you want them, well, at the moment they are only available through the Fuzzballs Vs Video Games kickstarter which went live today! Back it HERE!

Hopefully this is just the start and a fully fledged Fuzzballs video game will appear one day!