Get ready for the biggest ever Battle Royale clash of all time, thanks to new tech start-up company Hadean and the Aether Engine.

Get ready for this as to 10,000 players will compete against each other in a single space battle, the winner being the last player to survive the chaotic clash. You will have to be quick to adapt to the anarchy in order to thrive.

This Battle Royale will showcase Aether Engine’s ability to handle a record-breaking number of players, breathing new life into the popular battle royale genre and opening up fresh gameplay possibilities for creative developers. It will also highlight the versatility of Hadean’s distributed simulation engine, as Aether Engine is also being used by the Francis Crick Institute for cancer cell research

Fancy a chance of taking part, well, you can sign up right now here. Those who are selected will get the chance to play in February on PC, free to play. Be sure to let us know if you will be taking part in this epic battle royale via the comment section below.