Evercade’s new EXP handheld will include Street Fighter™ II’: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight™, Strider™, Breath of Fire™, Mega Man™ and 14 additional classic Capcom arcade and home console games built-in.

Blaze Entertainment has just announced a major new partnership for Evercade that will be available to all Evercade EXP owners. Previously named only as “bonus content”, the Evercade EXP will feature 18 games from world famous publisher, Capcom.

The full games list is:

  • 1942 (Arcade version)
  • 1943 (Arcade version)
  • 1944: The Loop Master (Arcade version)
  • Bionic Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Captain Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Commando™ (Arcade version)
  • Final Fight™ (Arcade version)
  • Forgotten Worlds™ (Arcade version)
  • Ghouls ‘n Ghosts™ (Arcade version)
  • Legendary Wings™ (Arcade version)
  • MERCS (Arcade version)
  • Street Fighter II’: Hyper Fighting (Arcade version)
  • Strider (Arcade version)
  • Vulgus™ (Arcade version)
  • Mega Man (8-bit)
  • Mega Man 2 (8-bit)
  • Mega Man X (16-bit)
  • Breath of Fire (16-bit)

The games will come preloaded on all Evercade EXP devices including the Evercade EXP Limited Edition, so there is no download required or digital redemption. Simply turn on the device, and select the EXP option in the menu to open all the Capcom games.

The games will always be available on the device in this section so you can have access to all these games as well as any Evercade cartridge you have in the system. A full colour manual is also included for this collection of Capcom games.

In addition to this, Evercade EXP Limited Edition pre-orders will also receive a few bonus itesm within the box celebrating the involvement of the famnous Japanese gaming giant.

This collection of games includes some of the most popular titles from Capcom. Games that were ported to many systems over several years are presented here in their original arcade form.

Evercade EXP – Capcom Built-in Games Reveal

Several of these games also take advantage of the Evercade EXP’s new TATE mode with 1942, 1943, Commando, Legendary Wings and Mercs playable in this mode out of the box. As well as the Arcade, Evercade are bringing 4 classic titles from 8 and 16-bit home consoles including the fan favourite Mega Man series with Mega Man, Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X, alongside the start of one of the most well recieved JRPG’s of all time and Capcom’s first ever traditional RPG – Breath of Fire.

The Evercade EXP is a brand new gaming console from Blaze Entertainment. Building on the success of the original Evercade and the Evercade VS, this new console features a high resolution IPS screen from improved viewing angles, built-in WiFi for easy updates, an expanded button selection and dedicated TATE mode for playing vertically orientated games, as well as 18 built-in titles from Capcom and the included IREM Collection 1 physical cartridge.

The Evercade EXP is compatabile with the entirety of the Evercade cartridge library which is comprised of over 30 collections and more than 300 games including home console, arcade and now home computer games from five decades of gaming history. All collections come as a physical cartridge with a collectible box and a full colour manual.


This bonus content is exclusive to Evercade EXP users and features 18 amazing games from one of gaming’s most notable developers – Capcom.

This collection of built-in titles takes the total Evercade games tally including bonuses or unlockable secret games to over 350 by the end of 2022.

The release will be available on all Evercade EXP devices including the Evercade EXP Limited Edition, out of the box.

The compatible titles for Evercade EXP’s TATE mode for the included titles are: 1942, 1943, Commando, Legendary Wings, Mercs and Vulgus. In addition, there are a further 15 TATE games on previously released arcade cartridges and the upcoming Toaplan Arcade 1 collection.

The Evercade EXP also comes with the IREM Arcade 1 cartidge collection which features 6 great titles: R-Type, Moon Patrol, In The Hunt, 10-Yard Fight, Lightning Swords, Battle Chopper.

Evercade devices will emulate many gaming systems, including 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit home and handheld gaming platforms, Arcade machines, and home computers.