Well guys i’m sure you all know by now (if not………..seriously?) Final Fantasy 7 is getting a full, super awesome, bombastic, fan-bleeding-tastic, limousine riding, jet flying (WOO), record setting, leaves nerds sweating, Playstation 4 remake! Revealed to the world at E3 2015 people have been savagely waiting for a release date, but more importantly what can they expect? Short gameplay and cinematic clips have gave us all an insight and thats great but how about the grand scheme of things? Well here’s 5 things that we at the Game Hype office (there is no Game Hype office) can’t wait to see in the Final Fantasy 7 remake. SO!!! without further a due.

Cloud’s Drag Race!

Early on in Disc 1, Bare knuckle brawler Tifa finds herself taken hostage by kingpin and all around perv Don Corneo, and in there struggle to come to her rescue, Cloud and Aerith find there’s just one problem in gaining entry to Mr Gre….I MEAN Don’s chateau WOMEN ONLY! so what must you do to get through the door? perform a series of tedious and sometimes unspeakable acts to arm yourself with a wig, ribbons, shoes and a lovely dress and now Cloud Goddamn Strife! saviour of the planet, slayer of Sephiroth, poster child for the worlds strongest hairspray and giant swords is coming to the rescue……and he looks downright fabulous! A memorable and uncharacteristicly comical moment in the classic PS1 could you imagine this is in the Playstation 4’s technological splendor? Well I personally can’t wait and neither can you i can tell! Go on. Admit it. And come to think of it how will Barrett look in his sailors attire.

    A totally revamped, Cinematic Nobuo Uematsu score

Nobuo Uematsu has produced some masterful pieces of music in many Final Fantasy games and there are many great examples in the 7th installment. Aerith’s and Cid’s themes, the memorable opening bomb mission’s theme and of course One Winged Angel all stick with the Final Fantasy fanatics and I truly hope and Mr Uematsu makes a contribution to the remake, not just a contribution COMPOSES THE WHOLE THING!! Music in video games has come a long way since 1997 and it has gotten to the point where entire philharmonic orchestras have produced music for them (for example Ni No Kuni) and the Final Symphony tours have shown to us how truly amazing these scores can sound. Just think about the original FF7 soundtrack with a full force orchestra accompanying the remake we have longed for. The thought of it literally gives me chills.

The Weapon boss fights

Towards the climax of the game several gigantic monsters know as The Weapons awake and emerge from the planet’s core, wreaking havoc all over the joint. Know individually as Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Ultimate, they deliver some of the most challenging boss fights of the game (Emerald and Ruby still prove to be the two of the hardest in the entire franchise) and if Final Fantasy XV has shown us one thing they can make these behemoths absolutely gigantic! And with the insane difficult that current RPG’s like to execute, the possibilities are staggering making these battles something to look forward. The underwater battle with Emerald Weapon is something I’m looking forward to seeing the PlayStation 4’s take on.


There are plenty of great games that has it’s parts that hardcore players absolutely dread, leaving blemish on otherwise amazing games. the Tri-force hunt in Wind Waker, heating and freezing the pal key in Metal Gear solid and the agonisingly slow battle at Fort Condor in the original Final Fantasy 7. Fort Condor is one of the places where you find huge materia, and what follows is the world’s slowest and most tedious real time strategy segment of all time. As your army limps down the mountain it takes what seems like forever to clash with the enemy and you must painstakingly bludgeon each and every opposing soldier to secure victory. and you know what the worst part is? THIS IS PART OF THE MAIN STORY! Not a side quest! A necessary part of the game to acquire a key item in order to progress the story. Hopefully the remake can think of a way to improve upon this cause lets face it there’s plenty of room to work with or at least make it an optional mission somehow. Doing away with it completely would be a lot to ask as I’m sure the developers want to create a completely reinvigorated world with every last detail brought to a technological peak, but please guys, do something about Fort Condor.

A huge, fully immersive Gaia

Final Fantasy XV took us to the world of Eos and it was stunning. It looked huge beautiful, diverse and more importantly, immersive. 20 years earlier Final Fantasy 7 did the same with Gaia, an entire planet to explore with fields that looked endless, seas to traverse and cities, towns and villages both big and small to explore, and I can’t wait for the awe of Gaia and the gorgeous style of the latest Final Fantasy instalment to come together. We have only seen parts of Midgar in gameplay footage which looks like the incredible the dystopian jungle we all know it is but nothing else, i personally can’t wait to see how places like Juno, Nibelheim and the City of Ancients will be re-crafted and presented. From the footage we have seen battling has taken a real time style much like the 15th entry and it has left us to wonder if the surroundings will follow suit and if ultimately so do the mechanics but obviously with that familiar FF7 flare, will there be side quests galore? will there be hunts? Will the quest to gain the Knights of the Round summon be even more strenuous?! Still it’ll all be worth it when we take to the skies in the Highwind and see the world in it’s glory.