I got 999 Problems and these puzzles are 1 + 998.


Our good buddy, Dan, over at Tydecon Games is working on his eighth indie title, which is set to release on steam in the not so distant future!

999 is a super-tough puzzle platformer style game in which you must carefully fling your character through 999 gruellingly addictive, psychedelic, colourful and thrillingly rage-enduing levels.

On paper, the objective sounds simple – You’ve got 999 Lives to fling your way through 999 Levels and collect 999 Stars – Sure, you may think that the 999 lives are generous now, but prepare to be surprised and, most of all, prepare for a challenge!

Check out 999’s release trailer below and don’t forget to check back here later for a release date!




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You can follow Dan and the progress of 999, here on Social Media: Tydecon Games – Facebook