If you are wondering what is Battlezone: Combat Commander then take a look at this 5 minute trailer released by Rebellion.

This breakdown trailer goes through the gameplay, features and modes included in the remastered PC strategy classic.

This remaster from the 90s sees players take command of a sci-fi battlefield, constructing bases, harvesting resources and ordering units from the cockpit of their hover-tank – in which they’ll also fight in epic mechanized battles! Mixing classic RTS and epic first-person tank combat, Battlezone: Combat Commander is in a class of its own.

There is both a challenging single player campaign as well as  substantial multiplayer content, with 8 modes for up to 14 players. Players can scrap it out in co-op and versus modes, with play available both online and via LAN. Cross-play between Steam and GOG Galaxy is also fully supported.

Take a look at the new trailer and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.