The wonderful guys at Titutitech gave us the chance to interview them about their upcoming game Oh My Godheads in conjunction with The Square Enix Collective.


Damien: Can you tell us a little bit about Titutitech and what inspires you to make awesome video games?

Federico: We are a small game company located in Barcelona, Spain. Our story is… well, a very common one! After some years working in different companies in the industry, we decided to start our own adventure. And here we are, trying to make our own games… though we also make games for others, as we try to offer to outsource and consulting to other indie devs like us. Regarding inspiration, it’s all really coming from what we like. As we go, we always have a storm of ideas, often too crazy even to be mentioned to other colleagues. But then, from time to time, we sit down somewhere far from the office and start bringing all those crazy ideas to life and eventually one of them seems not so crazy… until we try it and realise it wasn’t crazy, but maybe a bit stupid. At that point we decide if it’s stupid in a good way and we keep it, or stupid in another way then we ditch it.


Damien: We got a chance to play Oh My Godheads at EGX 2016 – for the people who have not, can you tell us what your game entails/is about?

Federico: Oh My Godheads is a fast paced 1 to 4 local multiplayer game where you play with and against your friends to try to capture the heads of different gods. It’s a capture-the-flag type of game, but instead of flags… there are angry gods. Each god has unique properties that change the gameplay. For instance, there’s a Norse goddess, named Skaði, who freezes players around her when she gets angry.


Damien: Oh My Godheads is currently a couch co-op multiplayer game, are there any plans to introduce online play?

Federico: We decided to focus on making the best local multiplayer game we could, and so all our energy is going into that. That’s what the original goal was: to make a fun, simple, local multiplayer game, like the ones we used to play when we were kids (and still play).


Damien: Oh My Godheads is currently scheduled for release on PC/Steam only – is there a possibility that the game could see are release on other formats such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One or the even the Nintendo Switch in the future?

Federico: We would love to see it in consoles (if it depends on us, all of them!) but for now focusing only on a Steam release allows us to dedicate all our time into making the best game we can.


Damien: How far into development are you and is there any chance I’ll be playing Oh My Godheads at home in 2017?

Federico: We are pretty far in development and we hope to release soon! We can’t confirm the exact date, but please keep an eye on us, or register to our mailing list so we can let you know as soon as it is official!


Damien: At what stage in development did you decide to approach the Square Enix Collective and what advantages are there for working with them?

Federico: We built a prototype, which we considered to be a vertical cut of the game. The prototype was fun, and we were hoping to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and make it a full game. Then, while researching on ways to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, we found the Collective feedback platform and few days later we put up our game profile. Working with them is great and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been given this chance. It has helped us grow in many different ways, and make Oh My Godheads what it is today. We really can’t picture our company without them. We are often too involved in the game development to realize about it, but we are sure one day we will remember with a lot of pride and a little tear in our eyes all the experiences we have been living and most important, the people we’ve met thanks to the Collective.


Damien: What has community feedback been like since showcasing at EGX 2016 and Rezzed?

Federico: Actually, those game events are our most valuable source of feedback. Going to events and watching people play is very inspiring. Often we are also asked to add features, gods, items, etc. so we always come back with lots of ideas… usually, too many for us to process! In addition, seeing people enjoy with the game gives us an extra boost of energy and motivation, it’s priceless.


Damien: Oh My God – Why heads?

Federico: Think about it: if you had to collect a piece of a god, which would you rather have exposed at home? A leg? An arm? The bu–? Right! The head! Everybody knows the powers of the gods remain in the head 😉


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