Noctis from Final Fantasy XV is now available to play as in the current Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open beta, Square Enix have confirmed.

The Crown Prince can use his unique Warp ability to move around the battlefield and ambush his foes with fast and deadly attacks. When his health is low his Armiger will activate, summoning his Royal Arms to do bonus damage to enemies and turn the tide of battle to his favour.

Here at the list of characters you can use until January 21st, 9pm:

Type Character
Vanguard Garland Cloud of Darkness Cloud Sephiroth
Assassin Squall Zidane Jecht Noctis
Marksman Kefka Ultimecia Shantotto Ace
Specialist Onion Knight Bartz Ramza

Are you having fun using Noctis in the open beta? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.