Let’s play some Colorball!

Developed by Hero Concept, I step into the majestic kingdom of Doughlings Arcade, as I smash, bedrock, and spook the naughty space meteor and the affected to another universe!

Slap on a new lick of paint to a fresh idea, in an old genre and dated concept, and we have the very enjoyable Doughlings Arcade.

The cute and tiny doughlings have come under threat from a poisonous meteor that fatally crashed into their world, the majority of inhabitants have been intoxicated by the dangerous substance. Dr Morpheous (unaffected) by the toxic substance, has found the cure to save all those poor victims of the unfortunate crash. (Hooray), but the diseased has gone MAD (ahhh), time is running out, and the cure must be administered amongst his many next of kin. Polish up your boots, and dust off your superhero cape as Dr Morpheous begins his journey to reclaim normality in the dimension of Doughlings.

Not related to doughnuts, but perhaps doughballs? (With arms) we see the adorable, and colourful 2d characters come to life, in the different magnitudes of scenarios.

The diseased doughlings dominate the upwards part of the screen, while in the lower section is the player, who must bounce the cure (in the form of a ball) onto the affected doughlings and then recover the ball and repeat the cycle (in a ping-pong like design) as the cure rebounds back towards you.

Doughlings Arcade also offers plenty in terms of power-ups and a variety of what to spend your stars and potions on. By spending the potions you earn, this unlocks boosts to the Showtime special ability which is usable once excitements have been gathered.

The showtime ability has a number of ways to influence the strategy of finishing a level, for instance, there’s thunderclap which hits all targets on the screen at once, barring collectibles. Many other game-changing mechanics can also be used depending on the hero in play.

It’s a simple but strangely addictive concept, that has been left behind in the times. Along with similar puzzle games like Bust A Move, I found myself playing this and realising there is still very much so, a market for this niche style of game. While basic in principle, it’s very fun and proves that in today’s Hollywood, bafta world of triple AAA gaming, you don’t always need mindblowing graphics, and a large budget to find a game enjoyable.

Doughlings Arcade plays smoothly, looks neat, and is very easy to pick up and play. Controls are basic, but this takes nothing away from the challenge of the game as you advance through each puzzle.

If I had one criticism it would be the annoying laugh some of those dough ball critters make.  (Urrrghhhh)

Once you’ve finished unlocking the impressive 90 levels, and 6 heroes, you’re probably thinking “pfft I can do better than those guys over at Hero Concept”. Well, you have the chance to back it up.

With the fantastic inclusion of the level editor, this gives us all the opportunity to experience fresh level designs from other gamers all over the world. This ranges from the Doughlings level layout, background, difficulty, and how many power up’s, extra lives etc, are accessible in the level. The levels can all get a likey or thumbs down, giving feedback to editors, and shared across the globe.

Don’t forget to check out the summary box below for a final conclusion of the game. Doughlings Arcade can be purchased today on the steam store. For all things Doughling Arcade, check out http://heroconcept.com/doughlings/