Dovetail Games have today revealed a brand new season pass for you to expand your fishing horizons in Euro Fishing.

This new season pass will take anglers on a tour of European fishing venues, led by the Manor Farm Lake DLC release. As the most famous day-ticket complex in the country, it’s a venue that every angling enthusiast knows well, and this officially licensed DLC release captures every last detail of the enormous 14-acre lake. Mark Greenway, Fishing Business Director at Dovetail Games stated:

Foundry Dock was just the start of our Euro Fishing plans. Our Season Pass means there’s lots more fishing to look forward to and what better way to start than with Manor Farm Lake, one of the most iconic and loved fishing venues around? We’re not sure what the record is for the amount of fish in a videogame is but our Season Pass shows that we’re serious about breaking it!

Take a look at the trailer and be sure to let us know if you’re going to bite (see what we did there….) at the Season Pass via the comment section below.