A new Guinness World Record has been set in the world of EVE Online. The player known in-game as Henrique Arnolles now stands as the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest time taken to reach each of the 7,805 accessible star systems in EVE, accomplishing his goal in a blistering 224 days!

On 9 March 2019, the player known in-game as Katia Sae completed the monumental goal of being the first person to explore each and every reachable system in EVE Online. This journey through over 7,800 systems took just under 10 years and was achieved without losing a single ship.

On 1 February of 2021, Henrique started his journey to explore all reachable systems in EVE Online and completed this monumental feat by visiting the final system on 13 September 2021 without losing a single ship.

More information about this amazing achievement and an interview with both Henrique Arnolles and Katia Sae on the community hosted podcast Talking In Stations may be found here: