With F1 2018 fast approaching its release this week. Codemasters have released the fourth developer diary.

This new developer diary focuses on the improvements made to audio and visual aspects of the game. F1 2018 has fantastic visuals and audio across the board. These include the car models, character renders, the atmospherics, visual effects, cinematics and animations. F1 2018 Art Director Stuart Campbell stated:

The biggest win visually is in the atmospherics. This year we’ve got a full atmospherics system that gives you a greater sense of depth from the scene, and it makes for some really stunning vistas.”

One of the most iconic things for me about F1® as a sport is seeing that heat haze on the start straight: the heat rising from the track and from the engine exhausts, and in the mirage effect that you see reflecting in the track. We’ve added a full heat haze and mirage system to our visual effects for this year, and it makes a huge difference in the replay cameras and on track when you’re racing.

Brad Porter, Senior Audio Designer on F1 2018 also added:

We try to make the engine sounds as close to broadcast as possible, which is what a lot of fans ask for. We’ve been over to tracks such as Abu Dhabi, Barcelona and Paul Ricard over the last year, working directly with F1® teams, going into garages with them on test sessions, mic’ing up the cars onboard with our new radio gear, and then we’re standing at the side of the track for external recordings. We’re also in the garages recording ambisonics, we’re out in the paddock, and we’re out in the pit lane. From an audio point of view, the game is now sounding far more believable and far more authentic.

Enjoy the new developer diary and be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.