Learn the Ways of the Flow in brand new update to Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime

PRISMATIKA and Spiritus Games today announce Ways of the Flow – the first major Early Access update for techno-fantasy roguelike, Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime, is now available to download via SteamEpic Games StoreGOG and Humble Store. The free update adds highly customisable difficulty options and overhauls the game’s meta-progression and starmap.

Ways of the Flow twists traditional roguelike mechanics by introducing Flow Modifiers and Spiritus Rank to Fabular, giving players the ability to fine tune the level of challenge in the game. Newcomers can opt for a more casual experience, while seasoned space knights can still embark on a fraught and unforgiving quest amongst the stars. 

Flow Modifiers allow players to customise a number of the base aspects of the game – including increasing or decreasing enemy or collision damage, max hitpoints, energy slots, and more. The level of difficulty a player selects will impact their Spiritus Rank – with more challenging modifiers resulting in a higher rank, which in turn will increase the drop rate of four new meta-currencies.

These new meta-currencies can be used to unlock additional Flow Modifiers and Boons in the throne room, and are as follows…

Token of Exploration: gained when revealing starmap nodes

Token of Valor: gained after victorious battles and doing good deeds in events

Token of Glory: gained after defeating realm bosses

Token of the Void: gained after completing the game

In addition to difficulty modifiers, Ways of the Flow also revamps the in-game starmap, giving all players increased agency over their spacefaring journey. New icons will be now visible on all map nodes, giving players a clearer picture of what dangers lie ahead and allowing them to plan accordingly. Instant outcome nodes have also been introduced that result in a reward or punishment without any events, these can be unlocked via the throne room vendor.

Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime is now available in Early Access via SteamEpic Games StoreGOG and Humble Store.