Are you a fan of Final Fantasy XV? – Of course you are!

Square Enix have recently released some fantastic info regarding the in-game expansion to the timeline of Gladiolus. Being the first release of four, the DLC will expand the story of Gladiolus, and just what the naughty devil was up to, during his alone time in the main game.

The expansion is set to be around 2 hours in length, and will detail how Gladiolus dealt with his demons/doubts, (after his showdown with Ravus wich led him to go AWOL), retreating to a chamber in a ruins, that tests his strength and courage, to be a protector of the king, and reveals just how that nasty scar appeared on his forehead, during the showdown with the renown Gilgamesh, master of blades. (I sense a boss battle here)

Episode Gladiolus is a single player experience, featuring only Gladiolus out of the main 4 protagonists. It will help the gamer see events through the eyes of Gladiolus, whilst giving a better understanding of his fighting style and bond amongst himself and his friends.

Looking forward to the new content? Are you a Gladiolus fan? Drop your thoughts in the comments box below.

The sword swinging, beast bashing, episode Gladiolus, is the first premium DLC to be released for FFXV and comes out 28.3.2017 for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Enjoy the trailer below.

P.S – Release a Ravus DLC please!