Patrick Aubameyang takes October’s highly coveted prize for being the premier leagues best player. EA Sports are releasing a special sbc to mark the occasion later today at 6 pm.




Based on the month of October. Aubameyang was top scorer with five goals, despite only one start, the Gabonese has had a big impact off the bench for Unai Emery.

Aubameyang has been instrumental in maintaining Arsenal’s impressive start to the campaign as they look to cement themselves into the top 4 and perhaps even a surprise title charge. Arsenal have been out of the UEFA Champions League for the last 2 seasons and if they are to keep up with the unstoppable Manchester City and Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Aubameyang is likely to be the key man to help achieve this.

With a base card possessing plenty of raw speed with the 94 pace, and shooting stats of 89 positioning and 87 finishing. Aubameyang is already a relatively expensive card costing well over 200,000 coins. The Player of the month card is likely to cost up to 3 times this amount and features plenty of challenging squad building requirements in order to earn the special card.

The announced requirements to earn the special player of the month card aren’t released in the public domain as of yet so I can’t comment on them, but with the speculation now over about whether the card would be an ST or LW (with the card being an ST position) the value of the sbc will of shot up even more.

Aubameyang’s card makes the famed roadrunner look slow, with a pace rating of 95 and shooting skills of 86 and 83 dribbling rating EA aren’t going to make this an easy or cheap POTM to complete. High rated IF’s particularly prem IF’s such as Pickford and Bernardo Silva could see a nice boost from this.

An all Arsenal side with IF’s is a likely possibility, as is a high rated 85/86+premier league side including 2 or 3 totw cards.

Potentially EA could also throw a Dortmund curveball into the SBC with perhaps a Bundesliga IF required too.

Let me know in the comments box below if you plan on picking up the POTM Aubameyang card.