The release of FIFA 19 later this autumn will see the addition of the Champions League and the Europa League, along with some of the most exciting and innovative features that the game has offered so far.

FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team will introduce a host of new gameplay modes and competitions, as well as more Icons additions – including the likes of Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Johan Cruyff and Raul.

The former England pair – who are cutting their teeth in management these days – are included alongside Brazil 2002 World Cup winner Rivaldo, Portuguese legend Eusebio and Dutch icon Clarence Seedorf and more, as part of the new game’s release.

Interestingly EA has opened up a whole can of worms with Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard being higher rated then Frank Lampard, which will no doubt infuriate Chelsea fans.

Other Icons that have been licensed for use in FIFA 19 are Fabio Cannavaro, Roy Keane, and iconic Italia 90 star Roberto Baggio.

The full details and designs of FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team are yet to be confirmed, but EA confirmed at an event on August 4 that European competitions will be playing a big part in FUT with their latest release. This means the re-introduction of the Champions League and the Europa League, which of course comes along with exclusive designs.

Users will get licensed extras such as Squad Builder Challengers and Online Tournaments, which will see the inclusion of the new Champions League commentary team of Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

EA will also be implementing 10 new Icons to the Ultimate Team this year, offering three cards for legendary players celebrating different times of their careers.

Division Rivals

The most exciting new addition to FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team is the introduction of Division Rivals.

Division Rivals will replace previous FUT’s ‘online season’ mode, and is created to appeal to more mid-tier fans – those who find themselves below the more intense levels of the FUT Champions mode but ahead of the casual Squad Battles mode.

In Division Rivals, players have a chance to feature in a slew of placement matches which are then used to determine a player’s skill rating.

Players are then placed into one of 10 divisions, with advancement dependent on skill rating. The mode will tell players how far they are from promotion with their skill rating.

Every week, gamers will participate in a competition against others in the same division to win ranking and prizes, in a method similar to that of the Squad Battles mode. There are five ranks to be played, and at the end of each runout, players progress to a higher rank – with weekly rewards matching up to where gamers finished in the previous week.

The weekly competition pool is made up of each user’s overall skill rating, which then determines the ranking within the division. The rank, which is judged on by the weekly score, is what determines what rewards you earn per week.


Champions Points

In addition to the introduction of Division Rivals, the points earned through that mode are called Champions Points. These can be used to qualify for the weekend league. So, essentially, rivals in FUT19 replaces the daily knockout tournament modes from prior FIFA editions as the method to qualify for the weekend league.

Champions Points also have the potential to be banked. If a user earns enough points to compete in that week’s Weekend League but is unable to actually play FIFA that weekend, they can save them for when they can actually participate. You can’t stagger qualification progress, though – users will be unable to have multiple entries in the Weekend League.

With Rivals, after each match, users get a recap of their weekly score which is then added to your weekly ranking rewards, your skill rating – which is matched with your Division Rivals rank, as well as your Champions Points, which are tied to qualification for the Weekend League.

When a user’s rank is determined, users are given the option of picking between different awards – one of which is extra Champions Points.

Kick Off Mode

In addition to classic kick-off, which is a normal match without the glam of added visuals and modified rules, there are five new types of match.

  • UEFA Champions League
  • House Rules
  • Best Of Series
  • Home & Away
  • Cup Finals

Champions League: Set up a customized champions league experience, with all the realism, visuals, rules at any stage of the tournament to provide players with the immersive experience they crave.

House Rules: Input special laws whilst playing against friends. Such as headers & volleys count only, short-range goals disallowed, long-range screamers (counting for 2 goals) and much more.

Best Of Series: Play matches in a best of 3, 5 format, to determine and also analyze who the more skilled player is.

Home & Away:  Play with the same two sides, one home and one away, like the cup format this includes away goals, providing a more dramatic experience depending on the conditions of each game going into the last match to determine who has bragging rights.

Cup Finals: Perhaps you just want to relive the glory days of Manchester United historic 1999 treble-winning season.  Then here is the mode that lets you do that. Play through all major cup finals including the Champions League, EuropaLeaguee, FA Cup, League Cup and more. Fully licensed to give gamers a realistic cup final experience.


FIFA 19 releases September 28th 2018 across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC formats. I for one cannot wait!