Frontier have today give new tips for starters for their new title, Stranded: Alien Dawn

The 15 tips are as follows

Pick the right survivors

At the beginning of your adventure, you’ll be asked to select your group of survivors. It’s important to choose them carefully to cover all your bases and ensure there are no significant skill gaps. Each has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Start research early

Research is vital in Stranded: Alien Dawn. It’s always worth dedicating one of your survivors to research so you can discover as many useful technologies as possible. Research takes a while, so allow time when planning for future base expansions.

Level up your survivors

Out here, survivors have only each other to rely on. This is why it’s important to level up their skills and play to their unique strengths. For example, a survivor with high intelligence will make a great researcher, so set this as their main duty to maximise results.

Plan for winter

Winter will test even the hardiest survivors. Clothes, heating, and food are all paramount to making it through in one piece, so make sure the group stockpiles as much as they can in the preceding season. You don’t want your survivors to go hunting through the snow with just their underwear on!

Check survivors’ happiness

Happy survivors are productive survivors. Regularly check in to see how they’re doing and work to alleviate any troubles they have so they can truly flourish.

Cook a nice meal

Nothing lifts the spirits like great food. Ensure the survivors can at least occasionally enjoy more elaborate meals. This will not only satisfy their taste buds, but raise their happiness as well. No one can work on an empty stomach.

Manage survivors’ schedules

Optimising your survivors’ time is a must. By managing their schedules and mapping out their daily goals in advance, you’ll have more time to give them sufficient sleep and relaxation. This ensures their overall wellbeing.

Disable ‘simple priorities’

As you become more experienced at managing your survivors, look into further fine-tuning their schedules. To do this, disable the ‘simple priorities’ option. This gives you even more control other what your survivors do so you can create the most optimised workflow possible.

Mark your plants

Plants are an underrated resource in Stranded: Alien Dawn. Survivors can eat them to gain health, and craft important items with them too. Be sure to take a look around and mark plants down on the map early on. They may just come in handy.

Make storage space

Storage is key for the group to thrive. Unpreserved food kept outside will rot and make survivors unwell. Avoid this by experimenting with the placement of shelters to create bigger enclosed spaces – more storage means the group won’t be forced to discard anything.

Start a farm early (but not too early)

Know when to start farming. Avoid planting too early or too late to minimise the amount of storage needed, and reduce the time that crops need to be stored.

Where you plant matters

Scout around to find the best plot for your crops. Certain types of soil better suit certain crops, producing an increased harvest in less time. Plant crops in places best for the crop type to ensure successful growth.

Defend your farm

A farm is no good without protection. Remember to safeguard any fields you have with surrounding fences. This stops unwanted encroachment by local fauna. Consider planting multiple crops in one, well-protected field rather than several unprotected ones.

Deal with active threats

It’s not just fluctuating weather and dwindling resources your survivors have to prepare for. Expect adversity in the form of deadly alien wildlife. Play it safe by building defences around your base, or go on the offensive and hunt them down.

Embark on an expedition

As the game progresses, you can acquire more resources by sending survivors on expeditions to far-off locations. It’s a gamble, however. Your survivor might discover bountiful resources, find nothing at all, or even sustain an injury on their travels.

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