Fulqrum is now handling publishing duties for Hands of Necromancy, as well as its forthcoming sequel.

Fulqrum Publishing has announced that it is partnering with developer Frechou Games, and taking on the publication duties for both the classic Hands of Necromancy, as well as the forthcoming sequel Hands of Necromancy II.

Hands of Necromancy, originally released in 2022 is a Dark Fantasy FPS metroidvania, inspired by classics such as Heretic and made with the GZDoom engine. Wield weapons, magic or transform into a fearsome monster to slay your foes, then raise them as undead servants and unleash even more carnage to become a master Necromancer!

In the sequel, Hands of Necromancy II, players will be able to choose between two characters, wield new weapons and learn even more powerful spells and transformations to prove once and for all that they are the supreme Necromancer, master of death itself!

You can watch the Hands of Necromancy 2 trailer here: