Those currently emjoying H1Z1 King of the Kill will now be able to enjoy a brand new big update, Daybreak have today confirmed. What does it entail we hear you ask? Read on!

The update brings with it many changes and new content, including three new landmarks which will be added to the world map. Each Landmark is built to suit a certain play style such as close-quarters combat, fortress-style gameplay and enhanced tactical opportunities.

Skirmishes also make a return as weekend matches, where rules will be rotated such as imited weapon types, safe zones and much more. Skirmishes will add more variety to the action, beginning with this update’s rule set “Shotties & Snipers” in which players may only use shotguns and hunting rifles.

Good news is that the Inventory and crafting systems have been simplified more in this new update. There is also a better hit registration, allowing players to fire weapons regardless of proximity to an object.

You can check all of the update notes here. Take a look at the latest developer video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.