This piece of news excites me greatly! I absolutely loved I am Setsuna on the PlayStation 4, the folks at the Square Enix spin-off team, Tokyo RPG Factory did an amazing job. Now it is coming to the Nintendo Switch too this week!

It’ll be released as part of the console’s launch day lineup this Friday, March 3rd and Square Enix have released the official launch trailer for it on the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer introduces players to the nostalgic world of I am Setsuna and sets the scene for the emotional journey of sacrifice that lies ahead. The trailer showcases the game’s classic JRPG gameplay, with simple turn based controls and unique gameplay mechanisms that merge the beloved nostalgic elements from the golden era of JRPGs with the latest technology.

I am so excited to play this on my Nintendo Switch! If you haven’t played it yet (Why not?!?!), take a look at the trailer and let us know if it’ll be part of your Nintendo Switch library in the comment section below.