If you’ve been enjoying your Jumping Joe! experience on your iOS or Android device then you’re in luck as Deep Silver FISHLABS and Power Up Studios have released a brand new update.

This expansion which is free of charge adds two novel groups of characters to the game. First, there are the powerful men and women that seemingly rule the world (Politicians) and second, there are the furry creatures that actually pull the strings in the background (Cats).

The update comes bringing 20 famous politicians (contemporary rulers as well as historic figures) and 22 different felines (cuddly cobbers, mean mothas and more). In addition, there are 21 new hats and 22 new trails to unlock and use, adding up to 300,000+ unique character combinations! Last but not least, the “Cats vs. Politicians” update also contains additional power-ups and improved level designs.

Make sure you download Jumping Joe! on either Android or iOS and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new update in the comment section below.