The excitingly fast, furious, and fun filled kart racing game KartRider: Drift is out today.


Releasing for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, KartRider: Drift is the free pick-up-and-play karting experience offering some of the finest competitive, high-speed racing/drifting seen to date. Just pop onto the live marketplaces (Xbox store and PS Store) to download the game for no further cost.

KartRider initially released in 2004 by Nexon in the Asian markets abroad. Since then, KartRider has amassed a frankly colossal reach of players at 380 million while continuing to evolve and expand its brand to western shores.

Boasting cross-platform, cross-play, online support for up to 8 players and with all the thrills, spills, and crazy shenanigans one would come to expect of the modern-day karting game. KartRider: Drift offers gamers a visually pleasing experience with live updates alongside its online multiplayer services to regularly keep the game fresh, fun, and accessible to all.

That’s not all, ever fancied tearing up a karting track in a Porsche? (I know I have), just announced to tie in with the season 1 launch are the Drift X Porsche pack and some Drift X Maplestory character offerings. These limited-time alternatives to the standard karts/drivers will bring numerous models of said brand for gamers to enjoy for a temporary duration. (Log in during season 1 to claim the Boxster 718). Models include the following 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, and Macan GTS. Maplestory will have two characters feature soon after season 1 commences.

What about pay to win? (I hear you say)

Rejoice and celebrate folks, this game does NOT have a pay-to-win model in place. What you earn in-game you can freely spend on more in-game content such as emojis and further customization options. With a plethora of circuits, karts, customization features, and a generous serving of modes, the in-game currency will certainly go far.

Modes Include the following:

  • Speed Mode
  • License Mode
  • Time Attack
  • Custom Race
  • Item Mode

(As taken from the press release)

Elevate your game through the fastest and most competitive multiplayer sprints in kart racing, (introducing speed mode). Push yourself to the limit with speed modes precise controls, an advanced drifting system, and highly skilled gameplay. Or experience the chaotic item mode. Take out opponents with items such as rocket launchers, banana’s, brick walls, water bombs, UF0s and more.

There you have it folks, just a snippet of the impressive amount of content/modes KartRider: Drift is offering for the Season 1 launch. So, why not check out the trailer and let Gamehype know your thoughts in the comments box. (Also keep an eye out for my review on KartRider: Drift during the coming days).