Ravenscourt and Voxler have alongside Koch Media announced that Let’s Sing 2019 is out now. Time to get those vocal chords ready!

Available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Wii, Let’s Sing 2019 features a ton of the latest chart hits and new features like the “World Contest mode”, which adds a new asynchronous multiplayer mode to challenge your friends online. Here are some of the main features:


  • Up to date track list with (40/35/30) national and international Songs
  • Complete in-game redesign and optimized performance including polished animations and improved speech recognition
  • Rewarding gameplay elements like collecting avatars, climbing up the online leaderboards (NEW on Switch) and unlocking music certification records from bronze up to diamond
  • NEW “World Contest-Mode” = global-asynchronous-versus-multiplayer-mode
  • Challenging and diverse game modes – including the new mode “Create your own Mix Tape”
  • Online store with two brand new DLCs + existing DLCs still available
  • Microphone App (NEW on Switch) for iOS and Android smartphones (at least iOS7 or Android 4.0) as well as compatible microphones for the platforms (PS4: USB, SingStar Microphone and PS Headset ; Switch: USB for TV Mode and headset for Handheld Mode)
  • Handheld Mode supported on Switch (NEW)


  • Complete New tracklist
  • State-of-the-art voice recognition technology
  • Five challenging game modes for solo sessions for up to four simultaneous players
  • Local leaderboards to compare high scores with friends

Take a look at the launch trailer and be sure to let us know what you think via the comment section below.