I used to love Mega Man as a kid, spending hours and hours of my childhood on that game. It’s exciting to see that Capcom have today announced the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be released digitally for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 8th. It is a collection of he iconic Blue Bomber’s four most recent classic side-scrolling adventures, complete with several all-new features.

It has four of the most recent entries into the series. There is also a Museum which is packed with history and production art, challenge remix stages for long-time fans, and first-timer friendly options like added armour and checkpoint saves for easy reload. You’ll be able to play the four recent titles; Mega Man 7 introduced mysterious rival Bass and his companion Treble, while Mega Man 8 featured the series’ first impressively animated and fully voiced cutscenes; Mega Man 9 marked the series’ return to its roots with 8-bit visuals, music, and gameplay; Mega Man 10 retained these features and included three playable character options.

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