Meow Wolf will run its first annual live gaming event Score Wars at the end of next month with a Galaga World Championship and there is still time for players to qualify!

The event will run from March 29th – April 1st and in order to qualify you can head to Score Wars to register your high score. The best players will be found on March 1st, with the lucky competitors getting flown to Santa Fe in order to take part in the world championships in order to fight for the awesome $10,000 prize fund. Players will be flown to challenge interplanetary Galaga masters including:

  • Andrew Barrow of New Zealand: Barrow holds the world record for Galaga in Tournament Mode. He has broken his own record on numerous occasions. His current high score is 3,514,030.
  • Andrew Laidlaw of The United States: On January 1st, 2011, Laidlaw set the world record score for Galaga on Marathon Mode. His score was 4,525,150. He took the title previously held by Philip Day.
  • Philip Day of Australia: Day is an Australian artist. In November 2009 he scored 3,275,720 in Galaga on Marathon mode. He took the title from Andrew Laidlaw.

If you are just an amateur, you can still qualify onsite at Meow Wolf beginning March 29 to compete head-to-head for a $1,500 top prize.  Take a look at the promotional videos and be sure to let us know your thoughts and if you’re going for the prize via the comment section below.