Milestone have revealed details on the Track Editor mode for their upcoming Supercross title, Monster Energy Supercross.

The Track editor is aimed to give players the opportunity to be part of the most competitive and highest-profile off-road motorcycle racing championship in the world like never before. Here are the details for the Track Editor (although not available on the Nintendo Switch version):

First step to generate a custom track is to pick the perfect stadium: choose football or baseball, outdoor or indoor and even customizing its size. Once the stadium is set, players can move on to create their own track.

The track editor is based on a modular system, where players can choose among more than 80 modules to be assembled to generate their custom tracks. First step is to place the starting grid, then, to unleash the imagination. Players can select among the many track pieces available: curves with different angles, whoops, single and triple jumps or rhythm sections and straight lines until closing the track with the finish line.

Module by module, the track will come to life and when finished, players can upload the track online and make it available for other users. The track editor allows players to generate thousands of different tracks to race alone and online, as well as download custom tracks from the community.

The track editor is designed to be a powerful feature letting players interact with all elements in game and with other users as well. Once uploaded on the server, players can “like” other gamers’ creations, vote on their favourite tracks and increase the prestige of the track designer. The prestige represents an additional value of the game, since it allows to proceed through the championships and unlock access to special items, like bronze, silver and gold liveries, sponsors, exclusive butt patches, profile icons and more. The track editor works with Single Event, Time Attack and Custom Championship and on online modes.

Take a look at the Track Editor trailer and be sure to let us know if you’re looking forward to Monster Energy Supercross via the comment section below.