NOM NOM APOCALYPSE is a rogue-lite top-down shooter with a fun funky art style and enough food puns to burn down a kitchen.

As a food fighter you’re tasked with gunning down hordes of mutant food monsters, Be it using the hummus hammer or candy corn killer or any other of the funny food themed weaponry, With five areas and six tasty bosses you will have plenty to chew on. Play as one of thirteen food-related individuals each with their passive and active ability. As well as unlocking and buying perks as you play.

A helpful road sign lets you know all the buttons at the games start If you haven’t completed the tutorial.

I have had plenty of fun with NOM NOM APOCALYPSE the weapons are cool and handle in a variety of ways, my favourite is the hummus hammer as it’s automatic, high damage and has large projectiles with the only drawback I can notice being some self knock-back so I know it is going to be a good run if I find one.

The playable food fighters all lean towards a different play style and can be complemented with perks to help you succeed, I have been playing as the sushi master his active ability is a powerful knife dash while his passive cause him to throw three knives instead of one, so I take Two perks that have a chance add elemental damage to my knives and one for movement speed. It was a lot of fun.

When your run comes to a greasy food-induced end you are greeted by a stats screen for your runs time, kills, cash earned, Score and a nice little reminder of what sent you to this screen where you can also change you food fighter and perk before getting straight back into another run.